Fill the hole

There’s an awful nasty crater when you’re leaving the Shamokin school district area by the stop sign. When your front end hits it it feels like it’ll get knocked out of line. Someone should look at that and think about putting some fill in.

Railroad X-ing

When will they do anything about the railroad crossings on streets other than Walnut and Market? The ones on Pine, Mulberry and Spruce are despicable. Something should be done.

Print them all

On Aug. 1 in Sound Off you said I want people to have an outlet for their opinions whether I agree with them or not. You don’t print a lot of people’s opinions. Why? Editor: A couple reasons that I’ve gone over before. The biggest reason is length. Long messages have less chance to get into Sound Off, whether they’re for Trump, against Trump, about local issues or not about local issues. The second reason is repeating the same topic. Sound Off calls generally follow the news and current events. If 20 people call about Mueller testifying and only four of them have original content, it’s likely those four will get in and the other 16 will not. I don’t want to bore readers with 10 calls from Democrats and 10 calls from Republicans all addressing the same thing. The third, and least-common reason, involves extreme foul language or libelous material. If you believe strongly that a call should get it and it doesn’t get chosen, please call in again. It will make it eventually as long as the above issues aren’t a problem.

Miller time

I haven’t seen anything from Ron Miller about who installed the windows at the Madison Court project. I am sure he has a list of contractors that worked on that job. Joe’s take: Several callers to Sound Off mentioned that Rhodes Brothers Contractors put in those windows.

Knee pain response

I had knee surgery 13 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I had one pretty bad knee and the other was starting so we did both at one time and I am still walking real well. Make sure you do your therapy and do what you’re told. I don’t think it’s a death operation. I hope this helps you.

Replace them

I had both of my knees replaced and I’m glad I did it.

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