Geography lesson

This is in response to Jake Betz’s painfully long letter and to Bloomsburg, Susquehanna and Bucknell universities. My guess is that each school has a geography department. There is an area larger and with more people than Mount Carmel and Shamokin that has been almost completely ignored. Coal Township, Mount Carmel Township, Kulpmont and Marian Heights. I think all those Ph.d’s if pointed in the right direction might find the area. Fact is, the group’s work is lacking.

Hoodwinking entertainers

Many Trump supporters liked his basic ideas, especially when he flouted he was wealthy and would fund his own campaign. Many well-educated people believed in him. However, just like Anna Sorokin’s and Bernie Madoff’s scam victims, to admit they were duped, double-crossed and hoodwinked would be absolutely humiliating. Some now admit Trump is a scam artist but they enjoy his entertainment. This country is in trouble when people believe entertainment supersedes strong, honest and reliable governing. Joe’s take: Is that why Hollywood has so much political muscle?

Useless citations

So several citations were issued to the homeowner of the collapsed house and no one responded. What good are citations if there is no backup to arrest the cited party?

Political perks

The question about Rep. Kurt Masser’s job performance should open peoples’ eyes. He’s a member of the Harrisburg political swamp that pays legislators a $87,180 salary plus $185 a day when in session. Often times, they even charge per diem for travel the day before and the day after, but are not required to incur hotel or restaurant charges to collect it. Why? Because the cash cow system is loaded with potential for abuse. They could brown bag it or eat on a lobbyists’ dime and sleep on a couch in their office if they wanted to and still collect the $185 per diem. On top of all that, they get paid an additional 58 cents a mile using their personal vehicle. Unfortunately, job performance doesn’t matter to politicians like Masser and the shebang once they’re elected. That’s why the voters need to pay attention.

Great job

The cemeteries in Springfield looked so nice for the Memorial Day holiday. So nicely mowed, trimmed and no garbage laying around. Whoever is in charge of upkeep is doing a great job.

Enough is enough

Just about every day, the readers of Sound Off are treated to such clever monikers as “Lyin’ Donald,” “Comrade Trump” and “Commander Crazy”; most likely authored by the same person, whose name we shall never know. This is not the Cold War years, chum, and the “battles” between the United States and Russia are now economic, not political or military. And please don’t fall back on the Stormy Daniels comments. Enough is enough, as they say.

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