Wall of lies

Trump has declared a “fake” national emergency to try to obtain funding for border wall construction. There is no hoard of immigrants crossing the border. Border crossings are at a 50-year low. There is no army of murderers and rapists coming in. Violent crime rates are lower among immigrants than native-born Americans. The only thing Trump is building at the Mexican border is a wall of lies.

Did you Boscov today?

To think that three of the four anchor stores at the Susquehanna Valley Mall (Sears, J.C Penney and Bon-Ton) now sit idle says a lot about the marketing and pricing smarts of the Boscov organization; even given its huge overhead costs. When Albert Boscov died, I waited for the other wing-tip shoe to drop, but nephew Bill Boscov has proven himself a worthy successor, and the family-owned business has thrived.


If Trump can declare a national emergency for a non-existent invasion of an army of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border, then a national emergency should be declared because of gun violence. Forty thousand people were killed as a result of gun violence last year. There are two children killed by guns in America for every one child who dies of cancer. There were 96 gun violence incidents in schools last year; that’s almost two per week. Yes, there is a national emergency, not on the Mexican border, but because of easily available weapons of war that are killing innocent Americans.

Don’t break the oath

When taking the oath of office, congressmen swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. It does not imply, allude or signify they will support or defend their political party, the president or the personal agenda of any individual. The Republican legislators supporting Trump’s personal claim of a national emergency and the “wall” have forgotten about this oath.

‘Ism’ this

The different “isms”: Socialism — you have two cows and give one to your neighbor; communism — you have two cows, the government takes both and gives you the milk; fascism — you have two cows, the government takes both and sells you the milk; fair dealism — you have two cows, the government takes both, shoots one, milks the other and throws away the milk; capitalism — you have two cows,you sell one and buy a bull. Does this need further explanation?

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