Benedict Trump

The name Donald Trump will now replace Benedict Arnold as a synonym for traitor. Trump denied the assessment of every U.S. government agency, which have presented overwhelming evidence that the Russian government attacked the 2016 election. Instead, Trump supported the denial of Vladimir Putin. By all reports, Russia continues to attack our electoral system and Trump is intentionally allowing it to happen. Trump’s statements and failure to defend against an attack on America is a traitorous action. He should be impeached and jailed for treason.

Banner track star

I hope Mount Carmel acknowledges its female track star Maura Fiamoncini with a banner in the gym. Not only was she a two-time state champion, she also represented our country on Team USA, all from little old Mount Carmel.

Recapture the flags

Could someone please tell me what happened to the beautiful veterans flags in downtown Mount Carmel? Why were they replaced with just banners? I really enjoyed reading them. Not to mention the money loved ones put out for them. If anyone could give me an answer, I’d appreciate it.

Vlad to meet you

Start learning Russian, everybody.

Kick of respect

I enjoyed watching the World Cup; it’s the top sport in the world. Thirty-two countries and every one stood for their national anthem. No one knelt.

Dance stars

I’d like to congratulate the Heath’s Gym dance crew on winning gold in their division in Ocean City, Maryland. I’m very upset that one parent called about it and there was nothing in the paper yet.

Rat out the rodents

The Kulpmont rat problem is out of control. They should collect money to do something about it like they did the mosquitos in the past. Maybe they could put pellets out to try to control it.

Good job, champs

I’d like to congratulate the 2018 Mount Carmel Area junior baseball world champs. Also, the amazing coaches who teach them hard work and humility equal success. The parade was awesome. Good luck next year.

Way to go, Walt

I agree with the caller from last week. Walt’s Way is wonderful. From beginning to end, I have a smile on my face and most often a laugh-out-loud moment. Keep up the good work, Walt.

Chivalry lives

I want to thank the two gentlemen at Walmart on Thursday. I couldn’t pick it up and get it in my buggy. They got it in for me, and then a gentleman in the parking lot got it in my car for me.

Iron Reagan

The Republicans, led by Ronald Reagan, stood strong against Russia and brought down the Iron Curtain. They were patriots and stood for freedom across the world. No more. The Republican Party is now the Trump party, which has sold out to Vladimir Putin. Any American who continues to support Trump and his treason-summit in Helsinki is also a supporter of Putin and Russia. Make Russia great again!

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