Bus stop

I live near a bus stop on Scott Street in Kulpmont. I rarely hear the children waiting. It’s a fact that the children are more courteous than their parents. If you are going to be lazy and sit in your vehicle, please have the decency to turn them off! My family shouldn’t be woken up on a daily basis by a 30-year-old Ford Ranger that sounds like it may explode! The block stinks like exhaust and puddles of oil cover the road. Have some respect for your community! Thanks!

McCain slammed again

Trump again criticized John McCain, a dead American hero. This time it was on the anniversary date that McCain was released from a North Vietnamese prison camp, during the same war that Trump dodged the draft because of fake bone spurs. Trump is an immoral man who totally lacks the character or intelligence to be president of the United States.

Pet savior

I’d like to recognize the gentleman from the Mount Carmel EMS who responded to the apartment fire in Mount Carmel. Thank you for volunteering to take all of those pets to the animal hospital. You are truly a hero!

A $244,000 joke

It is high time for directors Persing, Kashner, Getchey, Shuey, Griffiths and Hovenstine to publicly address this astronomically wasteful number. We did hear from the superintendent about critical negotiations with Northwest and teacher evaluations. Sadly, all had a good laugh over that. Well, using a cliché, the ball is in your court. And we all know how sports is paramount on State Street.

‘Excellent talker’

Ann Coulter, the darling of the right-wing nut wing of the Republicans, portrays Trump as a “shallow, narcissistic con-man.” Coulter stated: “He is an excellent talker, it’s just that when it comes to doing anything that he falls down on the job.” Finally, Ann Coulter has realized that Trump is an incompetent liar; maybe there is still hope for the rest of the Trump cult to recognize the truth about our con man president.

Drugs for all

I don’t think that anyone is really doing anything about the heroin and meth problem, or we wouldn’t have one. It could mean unlimited revenue. I doubt we lack the resources. Evidently, someone wants it here.

No playing in church

I enjoy going to church at Salvation Army but lately it has disturbed me when I go because of one lady who brings her grandkids and during the service they play and run around and make noise.

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