Time to consolidate

Why does Pa. have 500 school districts? What a waste of taxpayers money! Let’s get that number down a few by combining MCA, Shamokin and even Line Mountain. Think of all the redundant positions that could be eliminated and the money saved. Makes too much sense, but let’s keep hammering the few working tax paying citizens.

The other collusion

While the second worst president ever, Jimmy “Malaise” Carter, busies himself with asserting that the current sitting president is “illegitimate” due to the “Russian collusion” thingy, I would like to remind everyone that while he was trailing in the polls to Reagan, he sent his pal, industrialist Armand Hammer, to meet with Soviet ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin. Hammer asked the Soviets to help Carter win Jewish votes in key states by allowing Jewish “refuseniks” in the USSR to emigrate to Israel. So we are all aware, that is what “Russian collusion” truly looks like.

Ask the tough questions

What is the sense of doing a census of the population of the United States if the all-important question, “Are you a citizen of the USA?” isn’t on the form? Even before starting, it’s a known fact the results of the census will be inaccurate so why bother? It isn’t cheap to do a census. Why am I surprised? It is just more government waste. The beat goes on and the nation debt goes up.

Merger prophecy

Many years ago when Mount Carmel, Kulpmont and then Shamokin, Coal Township merged, a friend of mine made the prediction that Shamokin and Mount Carmel would merge, their colors would be black and white, their nickname would be Coal Crackers, and the name of the school would be Anthracite Area. He was way ahead of his time.

Promote the area

Our chamber of commerce along with our neighbors in Schuylkill County should work with the state to get an attractions sign on Interstate 81 at the Minersville exit. We should promote AOAA, the Ashland Mine and Knoebels.

Liberals are mad

Liberals are so mad at President Trump, why you would think he sold 20% of our uranium to Russia, let innocent Americans die in Benghazi, used an illegal server to send 110 classified emails and deleted 33,000 emails that were subpoenaed by Congress.

I’m with Jack

I agree with Jack Strausser as an old Registered Nurse. If my granddaughter was viciously raped at a young age just able to bear a child I don’t know how I would feel, although I am against abortion. I have seen that happen. What gets me is in the days of Trump and cruelty at the border I am surprised that more Republicans aren’t for abortion. Some of those poor children may grow up to be Democrats. Does that sound silly? Well, control of voting in anyway possible does also.

Shopping carts

Wal-Mart should adopt the policy of Aldi’s. They charge you a minimal rental fee for the shopping cart and the fee is returned to you when you return the shopping cart to its proper location. It’s frustrating driving through the Wal-Mart parking lot and you have to keep dodging shopping carts that people are too lazy to return to the stalls.

Roll over. Good boy.

Trump talks tough to this base but when he meets with foreign leaders, he softens his rhetoric and backtracks on demands. In his latest meeting with Chinese President Xi, Trump, despite his bravado back home, abandoned America’s best interests. This approach might seem harmless with our so-called allies, but Trump’s submissive role with ruthless dictators like Putin and Kim Jung Un is outright dangerous. He courts Un like a love struck teenager and laughs with Putin as he denies his country’s attacks on our democracy. Why does he put on a show for his base back home but when it really counts retreats and rolls over?


One-hundred and thirty-five occupy the space for 35. They’re told to drink from toilets, not enough food, no supplies to stay clean and no cots to sleep on. What would Jesus do?

Broken economy

I don’t understand how do they get this idea that a hotel is going to bring in the economy? They said the same thing with the ATV park and look, the town is still the same. It hasn’t changed.

You heard it here

Here’s something you won’t see or hear from our liberal media. Our Democrats in Congress are backing healthcare for illegal immigrants. If you are a taxpayer, you are paying for that.

Bad deal

Since the Iran deal had 0 inspections, how do you know they didn’t start enriching uranium a very long time ago? It was a very bad deal. And comrade Oblamo gave them billions of dollars to fund their terroristic ways.

Taxes are too high

Most of the Democrat candidates say they would levy a 70% tax on corporations. What corporation would stay in the U.S. being taxed that much? My advice is get your bowl ready because here comes the soup lines.

Congrats, Ed

Congratulations to the new sheriff in town, Ed Purcell.

Sick of hearing it

I attended the Lewisburg veterans parade on the weekend and it was really nice. But what I’m tired of hearing, and a lot of other veterans are to, is “I didn’t go because I had a high draft number.” It’s a cop out. Nothing says you couldn’t go. When your country called, you didn’t answer the call. Have a good day and happy Fourth of July to everyone.

Double homicide

Abortion to save the life of the mother is one thing. It should not be used as a form of birth control. Answer this Mr Strausser: If abortion is not murder, why are people charged for a double homicide when they murder a pregnant woman? Please reference the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004.

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