Good economy

I see that unemployment is now at 3.6%, the lowest its been in 50 years. Also, there’s been so many jobs created that there’s more jobs available than people looking for work. Imagine that. Thankfully, we have a president that knows how to create jobs and stimulate an economy. Thank you, President Trump.

Litter lawsuit

We get Chewy delivered all the time — 150 pounds of Chewy delivered every two months and we never had a problem. I think those people are criminals for suing that company.

To the Dems

I see the great hope for 2020, Joe Biden, said he had a lengthy talk with the British prime minister regarding Donald Trump. He said Margaret Thatcher, who has been dead for a long time. Only God knows what else Biden will say. Good job, Democrats. Might as well buy a ticket on the Titanic. You’d have a better chance of staying afloat.


The Democrats attended the Colorado school vigil for the student hero and three students injured, and then made a political gun control push. No sympathy for the students or the family. Isn’t this how Venezuela started out? Taking guns? Trying to control the people? I bet you fake news people here won’t print this up.

Raises for what?

Towns look like hell and our politicians in Harrisburg are handing out big pay raises. They’re nothing but a bunch of crooks.

Chewy is good

I have no problem with Chewy. I get their stuff in the mail safely. My son has three dogs and dog food is heavy, but they’ve never had a problem. A bag of cat litter? Come on! Chewy is a good company and I’ll tell you why. My dog passed away in January. I called to cancel some things I had ordered, I told them why and they were very sympathetic, in fact, I got a sympathy bouquet from them. What other company does that?

Cora’s complaints

If the manager of the Red Sox is not happy with what we’ve done in Puerto Rico, he could always go there to manage. He wouldn’t get millions like he does in this country and I wonder how much he has done to help their problems.

Thinking of the families

Our prayers from the community go to the families affected by the accident on W. Montgomery Street. In their time of sorrow, the community should get behind them after such a tragic accident.


The genital grabber is calling Biden creepy.

Audits incoming

Brian Sims, a Democrat in the Pennsylvania legislature, is giving 100 dollars to get the names of the protestors from the abortion protests. I don’t know what he’d want from these names except one thing. He’s not going to hurt them, but I bet he will sic the IRS on them. It happened to me before an election and I bet it happens to these people. It’s alright for the Democrats to protest anything, but don’t protest anything they disagree with.

Good to hear

I read Bob Chesney’s letter to the editor with interest. In it, he said they are looking to fill a slot in the police force. As a resident of Kulpmont, I can honestly say I have never seen a policeman walking a beat or cruising in his cruiser. The red llght in Kulpmont — people are running it with impunity. I have talked to a police officer and never seen anyone there. I hope Bob is right and we have more visibility, but for now all I can say is, I don’t know where the police are.

From the president

This is Walt Lutz. Kulpmont council approved $1,000 for the baseball field. Simply, we feel the borough’s kids are well worth it.

Thanks, News-Item carrier

I live on North Franklin Street and must have gotten a new paper carrier. My paper is put in the magazine holder of the mailbox every morning. I am elderly and it is wonderful to be able to reach out my door and there’s my paper. I don’t have to find my paper all over the porch or my neighbor’s porch or play hide and seek looking for it. It’s not wet from the snow or the rain. I will be in touch to make arrangements to give this person a tip. Editor: That is great to hear and thank you for the call.

Empty mansion

The Lieutenant Governor’s mansion has been empty for the last six years. $400,000 a year to keep it up and no one is living in it. What’s Gov. Wolf and all the Democrats doing, playing bingo in there twice a week? The Department of Transportation could use that money to fix the roads, Governor. Mr. Masser, why don’t you look into this? We don’t need another mansion if nobody is living in it.

Life’s a sham

Speaking about the gas prices — isn’t it funny that the rich people get richer and the poor have to pay for it?

Do as you say

Write to your congressman and senators and let them know they should put their bodies where their mouths are. They want medicare for all? Then they have to go to the emergency room or doctor’s office and get in the line like we do. No special treatment. Why should they be different from us? We pay for their healthcare, they don’t. I want them to experience what medicare for all means before they push it on us.

Good luck, Carm

I’d just like to congratulate Carm DeFrancesco for his appointment to the Berwick head football coaching job. I hope Berwick comes out with a “Carmies’ Armies” T-shirt. They were a big hit back in the day. Good luck in Berwick, Carm. We miss you in Mount Carmel.

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Cora’s complaints- Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States of America. Therefore, they are considered part of our country.

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