The flag

I have always enjoyed looking at that beautiful large American flag at Jones Home Center. It is especially breathtaking on a clear sunny day. However, it needs to be reattached to the line so it will fly correctly instead of dangling by one corner. If you are going to fly it, please do it service by maintaining it. This is seen by everyone passing that area. Thank you.

Par for the course

Republicans always criticized President Obama when he took two family vacations a year and occasionally played an afternoon of golf. Can anyone tell me why Republicans have not criticized Trump for spending 228 of the 700 days he has been president at one of his golf resorts? The man, with arguably the most important and most difficult job in the world, spends one of every three days golfing at his vacation resorts. No wonder the White House is in chaos.


Trump noted there is a wall around Obama’s home in Washington, D.C., and Nancy Pelosi’s home in California. Current photos prove this is another false fact and downright lie by Trump. The Vatican does have a wall that was built in the ninth century to keep pirates out. It’s more difficult getting through airport security than into the Vatican. We have more thieves, scoundrels, pirates and liars in Washington, D.C., than we have crossing the border from Mexico.

Good thing

Bozza’s comments about the Kulpmont decorating contest for Christmas were really rude and arrogant. He is going to screw up a good thing.


We need somebody like Walter Lutz on the sewer authority to find out where the money is going. It seems like they are running that like their own business. Mr. Varano, what are you trying to prove. We need a taxpayers’ watchdog.

Turnpike blues

I see they are raising the rates for the turnpike again. What they should do is cut out those big retirement awards that the people get. Half of them should be in jail and half of them already are.

What it’s like

This is in reference to “demeaning” in Saturday’s paper. As a daughter of a parent who passed away back in 2000 from dementia/Alzheimer’s, let me tell you, you have no right asking for what constitutes qualifications of a dementia practitioner. Until you have walked a mile in their moccasins, you will never know what it is like to have a parent or a loved one go through dementia or Alzheimer’s. Trust me when I tell you this, I had a family member make a raggedy ann-type doll and it was given to my mother and she clung to that. When she received it, her face lit up like a 6-year-old opening gifts on Christmas morning. Let me tell you, that bought her extra time on this earth. As far as the woman they showed on the front of the paper, I am glad that they did that and I applaud The News-Item for doing that.

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Watchdog.....The Kulpmont Marion Heights Joint Municipal Authority is a separate agency that was created to take care of having a sanitary sewer system for Kulpmont and Marion Heights also taking in some parts of Mt. Carmel Township. There are no taxpayer dollars used to operate this agency that is a business ran on rate payer's(customer's) money. Oh by the way we have the cheapest rates in our local area. Thanks.....and this is Bruno Varano.

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