One percenter

By the year 2027, Trump and 1 percent of the wealthiest people in the U.S. will receive 82 percent of the Republicans’ recent tax cut. This so-called “greatest economic” surge in modern times will be paid for by the remaining 99 percent of Americans through reductions in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits.

In harm’s way

Congratulation to the Mount Carmel Jets on their championship, but I hope you have more sense than your parents and the emergency people that have been parading you around on top of fire trucks and in the back of pickup trucks and disrupting traffic. This is a dangerous situation that you are putting children into, and I hope I never see it again.

Go, Jets!

Good job, Mount Carmel Jets. Way to go, boys, we are proud of you.

Lip service

The Vatican has ordered the U.S. Council of Bishops to delay holding bishops accountable for failing to protect children from clergy sexual abuse. The pope and Catholic hierarchy pay lip service to the victims with empty words. This conduct is reprehensible and unforgivable.

A generation lost

Thank you to The News-Item for running Walter Lutz’s well-researched and well-written series on World War I. The world’s population was less than a third of what it is today, and it is hard to imagine that an entire generation of young men just disappeared from 1914-1918, both from combat and the Spanish Influenza. The VFW used to sell poppies in downtown Shamokin on Nov. 11 when I moved here in 1976, but those who sold them are long gone, and so is the Shamokin VFW.

Irish eyes

There is magic in the sound of their name, here come the Irish of Notre Dame.

Honored for service

We have and will continue to have presidents who did not serve in the military. Trump, however, came of age during the Vietnam War when men were drafted to serve. Wealth bought deferments, of which he had five. Now he is subject to criticism because he insulted and belittled some of those who answered the call. Other non-military presidents honored them.

Keep it hid

All the shootings in our schools, churches, nightclubs, malls and the workplace — the cause is not guns. It is more mentally deranged and drug-addicted lunatics. Psycho predators roaming the streets who used to be quarantined and locked away. It is time to return them.

Sign in, please

To enter the Washington, D.C., DNC headquarters you must show ID and sign in. To vote you don’t need ID.

No phone for you

If you had a child who was a bully, insulted and demeaned others and was a chronic liar, one would be very upset. Surely the least one would do is take away their phone.

God bless

I would like to thank the Lutheran church in Gowen City for the delicious meal they served the veterans, and also thank you for the nice gifts. God bless you.

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