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It bugs me that the anti-abortion movement is known as “pro-life.” Most of these people are Republicans. That means, they’re pro every war, just kill everyone. They’re pro death penalty, they despise all immigrants and don’t care when they’re murdered in U.S. custody. Gay people are no good, poor people suck, they’re against universal health care, making money is more important than a clean environment. And these people have the gall to call themselves pro-life. Pro-fetus, at best.

Clique, clique

Joe, I agree with the caller who said all the negative Trump comments are getting old. So here’s my question. Have you, by being the Sound Off moderator, detected either by voice recognition or email names that it’s a clique of the same few people repeatedly making all those negative calls? If that’s true, why not put a stop to it? Be honest, Joe, and tell your readers the truth, because it’s highly unlikely that every negative comment comes from a first-time caller. Joe’s take: Most of the time, it’s the same several callers. As for putting a stop to it, no. They have as much right to their opinion being placed in The News-Item as the next person.

Who’s your daddy?

Several states have passed laws requiring that the unborn child will now be considered a human being. If that is the case, then this legislation should include a provision to pay child support to the mother during pregnancy since she is carrying a human being. That will never happen because, for Republican-elected officials, the pro-life movement is just a means to get votes. They are silent when it comes to providing for the actual well-being of children. Joe’s case: Why is it that the government should pay child support? I thought that was the responsibility of the father? At least, that was the way I understood it when I was growing up.

Changing faces of history

So Trump snubs the Tubman twenty, according to the Washington Post. So what, he should. Jefferson earned his spot on that bill long before Mrs. Tubman did. Granted, she did a lot of good things, however, something different should be found to commemorate her life and what she did. The $20 is already taken. Enough of history is being changed just to appease people of color. Good men made evil. Statues taken down and hidden away or destroyed; truth rewritten to sound worse or better than what actually happened. Soon we won’t know true history from fiction. So, let the twenty as it is and put Mrs. Tubman somewhere else. I am not a prejudiced guy, but enough is enough already, and I believe the president probably feels the same way. Joe’s take: Jackson is on the $20, caller. Jefferson got a spot on both the nickel and the hard-to-find $2 bill.

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