Bitter tax slayer

In response to “Tax slayer,” why in the world do you think the government should tax another portion of child support from the receiving parent? Isn’t the purpose to help your child? There are income guidelines to determine support. Sounds like someone is bitter.

Not forgotten

I see in your paper Monday that Thanksgiving has not been quite forgotten. The picture is absolutely beautiful. At least we have a little bit of memory left of Thanksgiving. Thank you so much. Editor’s take: That was a great photo of a beautiful scene. Thanks for your comments.


All truth passes through three phases. First it is ridiculed; second it is violently opposed; third it is accepted as being self-evident.

Amazing animals

You go, Tom Wolf. Pass every cruelty-to-animals law you can. It’s high time these neanderthals start paying for hurting animals. Animals are amazing.

Lock her up

At every opportunity, Donald Trump has attacked Hillary Clinton about using her private email for government business and led the chant, “lock her up.” Now it has been exposed that senior presidential adviser Ivanka Trump used her private email to conduct government business. “Lock her up!”

No excuse

Two front-page stories in Tuesday’s News-Item should alert people to concerns in the district attorney’s office. First, a person already classified a sexually violent predator was given a plea deal to only a single criminal charge, in exchange for a string of other felonies and misdemeanors not being prosecuted. Second, a man arrested for DUI and other charges walked out of court free after the judge tossed the case because the D.A.’s office didn’t bring it to trial within a year. There’s no excuse for any of this.

Word search

There should be a word for when big business and big government get together with a militaristic, cult-like leader. I’m not sure what that word should be. Maybe someone can help me.

Lack of respect

Southern Columbia showed a complete lack of respect during the game against Mount Carmel. Standing at the 50-yard line, staring and making comments. Then one of the starters with Mount Carmel Area ties turned and shook his rear end at the Mount Carmel players. I guess they tried bullying, but all they got was laughter. They won the game, but acted like fools.

White papers

If you’re going to search food stamps, you will realize that most food stamps go to white people, not to other ethnic backgrounds.

Popularity contest

I’m not surprised that no one running for office came around here. For those serving in local office, it’s all a popularity contest. Editor’s take: You are free to run in the next election.

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