Throw away the key

A court document submitted by Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, revealed that Manafort gave campaign information to Konstantino Kilimnik, a known Russian intelligence asset. There is a mountain of evidence proving the Trump campaign conspired with the Russians to subvert our democratic system. That’s treason. Lock him up!

High standards

To “Foreign students,” I am truly sorry you or your family failed to meet the high standards of admission to Bucknell and Susquehanna, but do not attack the foreign students who greatly enrich the lives and education of those of us who were able to gain admittance to these institutions.

No drinking to that

Another grant of taxpayers’ money being wasted. Shippensburg University got a grant from the PLCB for $71,701 to teach college students how to make beer. So not only will we have people growing pot but now we are teaching students to make beer.

White elephant

If the county settles with the township for that $161,000, the township gives them $161,000 and the county gives it right back for that white elephant on Arch Street? The money should be given back to the taxpayers.

Fingers crossed

Don’t worry, Mr. Lutz will take care of the rat population, starting with those on the sewer authority. Fingers crossed.

Give local

Veterans organizations and other organizations from outside the area ask for donations. They also call on the phone. Give to your local veterans organizations and other groups in your local community where you know where the money is going.

Flimflam man

By the time Trump is done as president, his businesses will be in shambles. His corrupt foundation is already disbanded and the flimflam businesses and money laundering are being investigated for corruption.

Taxpayers’ interest

I am calling about Coal Township Commissioner Craig Fetterman saying no one has contacted him about settling this disagreement with the county commissioners. Get off it, Craig, and act in the interest of the taxpayers.

Tar and feather

All of the court proceedings to date have concluded that Coal Township is wrong. Everyone knows that the offer the township made is a joke. Yet Craig Fetterman and two others are still waiting for the “offer” to be accepted? There was a time when squandering $50,000 in legal fees would result in a good tar and feathering.

Public welfare

The Democrats are acting immoral over not securing our southern border just because they don’t like Trump. They are hurting us Americans with the drugs coming over and endangering our safety.

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