Say a prayer

Tuesday was Jan. 22, 2019, a day of prayer for the legal protection of unborn children. To the abortion regime of Roe Vs. Wade, there can only be one response. Together we must build a culture of life by God’s grace on the firm foundation of truth and love.

Dollar’s worth of revenge

Someone should purchase the homes on each side of where the landlord of the Dollar General lives, not spend a penny in maintenance, rent them out until they are worthless, then abandon them. That would be sweet.

Imagine, the gall

The ignorance and lunacy of Trump and his mentality to throw others under the bus. To think that “Dreamers” would consider trading a measly three-year extension of the privilege to reside, study and work in a country they grew up in for the tradeoff of the potential deportation of their older relatives or those attempting to escape violence in Central America — which is directly related to drug use and the American desire for illicit drugs. There is no remorse or guilt in this president or his administration.

Kremlin connection

Trump was working with Russians on a deal to build a Trump hotel complex in Moscow through 2016. It is now undeniable that when Trump was running for president, proposing U.S. policy favorable to Russia, complementing Putin and questioning our allies he was seeking the Russian government’s help with a deal that would make Trump hundreds of millions of dollars. Trump repeatedly lied to cover up this deal. At best this is corruption, at worst it is treason.

Race obsessed

The political party that’s totally obsessed with race, which insists on hiring and promoting and excluding and discriminating against people solely on the basis of their skin color, accuses those who embrace a colorblind America of being racist.

Pass it, then find out

Nancy Pelosi said of Obamacare, “You must pass it to find out what’s in it.” With that in mind, why don’t she take Trump’s last offer and pass it to find out what’s in it to get the government back in action.

Vulgar march

For all you old-school Democrats, nothing could illuminate what has happened to the once proud party of JFK and FDR. Then the gross and vulgar woman’s march over the weekend. That, my good, friends, is the future of our now liberal, progressive party that is way outside the mainstream of our society. Not only were they were not chastised by the party leaders, but lauded for their filth.

Kids aren’t safe

Did anybody see that tape of them Catholic kids in Washington that were getting attacked with the filthy language from whites and black that were Democrats, because they had Trump hats on and calling them perverts and everything else? This is getting ridiculous and out of hand. They should start bringing adults with them — six-five, 300 pounds — smash heads.

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