Red Christmas

Trump just gave his friend Vladimir Putin a big Christmas gift, the country of Syria. Against the recommendations of virtually every high ranking official in the U.S. government, Trump is pulling our 2,000 soldiers out of Syria, which will give Russia controlling influence in that country. Even Republicans in Congress are strongly objecting to Trump’s action. In contrast, Putin has praised Trump for this decision. Comrade Trump is doing his best to make Russia great again.

Keep it hid

The Diocese of Harrisburg can hide the sexual misconduct of hundreds of priests for years and years but not support the birth of a child to an unwed mother who is one of their teachers. So much for the teaching of Christ when he said, “ The Love of God passes all understanding” or “he who is without sin should cast the first stone.” These people are despicable in the most sincere way. Shame on them. How can anyone support this hypocrisy?

Roll call

Trump and the Republicans need 60 votes to fund the wall. Republicans control both Houses tonight when Trump shuts down the government. It is easy to blame the Democrats when Republicans don’t have the guts to hold a roll call vote. They are aware some members of their own party do not support this project advocated and popularized by Trump’s cult followers.


Law enforcement is dissolving the Trump Charitable Foundation because this so-called charity showed “a shocking pattern of illegality.” The president and his children will be prohibited from sitting on any non-profit board. It is difficult to understand the immorality and dishonesty of a family who uses the money of a charity for personal gain. If Trump cannot run a small charitable organization, he definitely cannot run a country.

Kort doesn’t care

Mr. Kort doesn’t care that Trump had unprotected sex with a porn star while he neglected his young wife and child? Kort doesn’t care that Trump’s foundation funneled money to prop up his businesses and campaign. Kort doesn’t care that Trump lies repeatedly every single day and likely conspired with hostile foreign agents. Kort is a good and loyal follower to the Trump cult.

Speak English or die

When the immigrants came here from all over the world, they were processed at Ellis Island, they didn’t just invade the country like what is going on today. They needed an American sponsor, needed a job, had to speak English or learn the language. What is going on today is an invasion pure and simple. These people don’t want to adapt to the American way, they want to bring their country here. We need a wall or at least heightened security just like other countries have.

Right on

Karl Kort’s letter on the OLOL teacher firing was right on.

Fear factor

Responding to the comment in Sound Off regarding the cost of subsidized healthcare cost, you selected your information from the article “How American citizens finance $18.5 billion in health care for unauthorized immigrants.” Discussing the entire article would be more appropriate rather than broadcasting a “fear fact” headline of $18.5 billion dollars. However, you utilize Trump’s mechanism of horror, panic and terror in attempting to gain attention and justify your remark.

Thank you

This is Kulpmont Council President Lutz extending a sincere thank you to the K-100 for having the Christmas decoration contest. Many of our borough citizens’ homes were incredible. My hope is each year more and more people get involved with the contest. Thanks to K-100.


I see the legislators have released a hundred million dollars to provide naxolone to heroin addicts. How about you properly fund the state workers’ pension fund? There is where you should be putting the money.

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