Mucho pesos

Mexico will do anything to get all their so-called land back out of the United States. Just remember, Mexico is still fighting the Mexican-USA war. I’ll tell ya’ why they’re doing that, the schmucks almost joined up with the Germans in World War I, when they were going to attack the United States. And you know what the goofball is going to do with Trump? He’ll tell Trump he needs money to help set up some sort of barricade to help them with that immigration theory. Trump should lay the law down — either you block up your southern border or higher tariffs. They just want more money. They’re just sucking it up from the United States.

Shining ignorance

I have to comment on “Here come the druggies.” It just shows the pure ignorance of people. I’m speechless on the ignorance of some people shines so bright.

What’s left?

Shamokin’s really getting up in the world: two marijuana dispensaries, a county jail. What’s left?

County justice

Former prothonotary repays $30,000 from Northumberland County; repaid $10,000 from the wrestling association. No jail time; probation. Justice in Northumberland County, just slap the wrist of the good old boys. No jail time, don’t put him in jail, just give him community service. Justice in Northumberland County.

Buying votes

It’s quite obvious, Democrats care nothing about tax-paying American citizens. It’s our tax dollars that are paying for all these illegal aliens. We can’t afford all these potential Democratic voters.

Crime pays

Calling about the Dunkelberger sentence, I think it’s ridiculous. Some poor person who doesn’t have a job, on welfare, steals a loaf of bread to feed their family and they get six months to a year in jail. And here you can steal $30,000, hope you don’t get caught, but if you do get caught you pay the money back and you get a slap on the wrist. The old adage crime pays is true in Northumberland County.

Corrupt bargin

Way to go, Mr. Dunkelberger! You get $30,000 theft and gets probation. What a corrupt system. Who do you think you are? Maybe I’ll steal $30,000 from my job and get probation and community service.

Hat full of rain

Somebody better check the rain gauge again. It’s crazy that it shows only 19-one hundredths of an inch of rain in the paper today, whereas Saturday, it rained for more than two hours, heavy rain, and then we had rain a few times after until Sunday morning. There’s no way there’s only 19-one hundredths of an an inch. More like an inch.

No leadership

So sad that there was a party busted of underage drinking on the May 30 weekend, but because of who they are, their last names and scholarships, the cops decided not to arrest them. So unjust and sad for all the other children who are arrested for underage drinking. Sad society. Can’t even count on locals for leadership.

Nothing to cheer about

Way to go, Shamokin Area High School cheerleaders. Going to Walmart, acting like uncontrollable 2-year-olds with your foolish and childlike behavior. My 4-year-old is better behaved when going through the toy section. Is this how your parents raised you? I hope there is some form of discipline for this behavior, either with the school or with Walmart to show that poor behavior should not always be judged by its cover.

It’s just business

I too agree with the Sound Off caller concerning the continual traffic mess at the Market Street and Commerce Street intersection. I really don’t care if “it’s a business.” It actually benefits very few, basically, only the owners. The pathetic mess allowed by the chief of police is troublesome, and illegal. All I’m asking, chief, is finally do your job you have been appointed to perform or resign.

Go, Joe!

Congratulations, Joe Antico, cyclist from Elysburg, on your second-place finish at Fenwick Nationals in Maryland. Way to go, Joe! Good luck in Milwaukee! Jack and Diane.

Do your job

Joe, sorry for the mistake on the name of the church. But I didn’t make a mistake on the City of Shamokin, because it’s too cheap. They had a piece of paper saying go over to the church and look at it, because it’s a historical church. Who’s the head of the historical association for Shamokin? Well, she’s not doing her job and she’s probably getting paid for it. Have a little pride in Shamokin. You have something that no other city in the United States has and you can’t let everybody know about it? Come on, do your job!

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What’s left? - A couple rehab facilities???


Mucho pesos - Sport, you gotta lay off the pipe or the bottle...

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