No one should want to see anyone addicted to anything, but the war on vaping is a waste. Sixty percent of the public believes vaping is worse than traditional cigarettes. E-cig use is way up, but so far this has come at the expense of traditional tobacco. That is great news. The fear of vaping comes from the tobacco lobby and the tax profiteers.

Dream on

I see someone complained that the county prison was “secretly” built too close to Shamokin. They’d rather it have been built in a residential area of Sunbury “at any cost.” I guess since all of the nonsense calls claiming that the county was wrong in the prison fee lawsuit case have ended, these political failures had to find some other dream to dream.

School of hard knocks

Kudos to the Shamokin Area School District nurse for giving our children an education in the way the world really works. I was seriously injured on the job once. The doc told me that because my bill would be paid by my employer, that he worked for them, not me. He found nothing wrong and suggested I go elsewhere to pay for a second opinion; $15,000 later I was put back together.


Bishop Gainer’s outrageous barring of the media from attending an open public gathering where he’s the speaker is something to be expected in Havana, Cuba, not Elysburg, Pa. I hope The News-Item’s editorial board weighs in heavily about this.

Over easy

Mr. Young said his statement is supported by polls. Have we not learned anything from 2016? Polls are nothing more than manipulated propaganda. Anyone can fake stats and come back with a positive or negative, depending on how they want the people to believe. Remember all the polls told us it would be Hillary in a landslide. Now go wipe the egg off your faces, propagandists.

Own worst enemy

Hey, Greg Maresca, gay people aren’t the problem with the Catholic Church. Stop making excuses. The Church is its own worst enemy. I’m proud people from the local area were in Elysburg to call out diocesan leaders on their hypocrisy.

No answer

I have written to Sen. Casey and Toomey, Congressman Meuser and Rep. Masser asking what the purpose of the Real ID is besides another form of revenue for the government and additional red tape. We have all forms of identification — driver’s licenses, birth certificates, passports, just to name a few. So far Casey is the only one to respond and that was to say he was referring it to his staff. Heaven forbid, the senator would actually have his own opinion on anything.

Fuzzy math

Mr. Young is correct, the Rasmussen poll did report 48 percent favored a border wall. What he did not state is that analysts have repeatedly stated that the Rasmussen polling techniques favor Republicans. Rasmussen was the least accurate of any poll company in the 2018 elections. Other, more respected polls, have shown that nationally opposition to the border wall is consistently 20 percent higher than those who expressed support for building the wall.

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