Bunker boy

Last week, with protestors marching nearby, the Secret Service turned out the lights in the White House and escorted Trump to the basement bunker for security reasons. Bunker boy Trump later told reporters he went to the bunker to inspect it. The problem with being a known cowardly liar is that when you try to tell people “I wasn’t hiding in the bunker,” no one believes you. Joe’s take: Before you call anyone cowardly, that wasn’t his call. It would have been done to any president, liberal or conservative, by his security teams.

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Susan A Yucha

Coal Country is one reason the "Coal Region" is looked down on and made a joke of .


To assistant junior editor Joe: The issue isn’t that trump was taken to the bunker. The issue is he’s so weak and insecure he won’t just say it happened for security purposes, He has to lie to the small group of gullible people who follow and believe his every word. What have the fact checkers determined? Something like 18,0000 falsehoods (that’s a fancy way of saying lies) in the past three years?


Junior Joe is probably to you to remember 9/11 but when the military told then president Bush that they needed to get him to s sheltered location he directed them to fly to DC because the US needed a acting president and someone to lead them...Secret Service and the military cannot tell the president he must shelter it is his decision...But then again Bush was a man...Susie Yucha, that kool-aid must be yummy....


Bravo...just TELL THE TRUTH!! Maybe, just maybe, you'll get some credibility - maybe.

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