Upset stomachs

Two Fourth of July events upset the stomachs of many Americans: Watching the gluttonous participants at the Coney Island hot dog eating contest and watching the tanks and the political atmosphere Trump created in Washington, D.C., at the national celebration.

Geography lesson

Northumberland County is working hard to improve our region. The county built a needed new prison, supports an important AOAA area, which is worthy of more state grant money, and is facing a daunting blight situation. Now the county is expected to fully fund a second community college. Why doesn’t the college use its tuition dollars to subsidize the campus? We should then be sending county monies to Bloomsburg University, too, to be fair and equitable if we are going to start funding multiple campuses. Joe’s take: The only problem with funding Bloom is that it is in Columbia County.

Big difference

Republicans embrace heroes. Democrats praise victims who want free stuff.

Is it hot in here?

Alaska is baking, beaches in New Jersey are closed due to the high bacteria count from warming waters, Europe is suffering a triple-digit heat wave, New Orleans just got 10 inches of rain in hours and a huge storm is coming. Gee wiz, whatever could be wrong?

Give it away

Ten Democrats in the debate raised their hands and said illegal immigrants should get free healthcare. U.S. citizens pay thousands of dollars a year for healthcare and some can’t even afford healthcare. So here’s some advice: Say you’re here illegally and save thousands. And if you can’t afford it, just claim you’re illegal and it’s free. Isn’t their first duty to U.S. citizens? And they want to be the President of the United States? Scary thought.

Laundering politicians

The vast wealth acquired by the Democrats is through corruption. Using book signings and speeches as a cover for money laundering.

Looking for help

In today’s Sound Off, somebody put in for help for senior citizens. This is true. The contractors won’t come. We’ve been calling and calling and have nobody to help us. Will somebody give us an idea on who we can call that will work and help the senior citizens? We pay our way as much as the other person does, but like they said, if it’s not $1,000 job they won’t come. What should a senior citizen do? Can someone give us advice on who we can get to come help us? Thank you kindly.

No one listens

All these subpoenas that they’re handing out and nobody wants to show up for court. This is ridiculous. I’ve never heard of anything like this. What’s the sense of having subpoenas to give out if no one listens? If it was you and I, the cops would be ready to arrest us.

Model citizens

I just need to give a big thank you to the family who is taking care of the wall coming into Shamokin. The flowers and the flags make it absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much.

Wrong administration

All of the incarcerated children pictures at the border were taken during the Obama administration, not since then.

Community yard sale

Would it be possible to tell the people of the city if we’re going to have a community yard sale and when this would be? Editor: According to the Shamokin/Coal Township Community Yard Sale Facebook page, this year’s third annual event will be held Saturday, August 10 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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