Source code

This a reply for the caller who made the claim of four million less food stamp recipients. Please provide your source of this information. Thought so. But thanks for the laugh, it was a hard day today.

Big fish

Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s attack on the 2016 election and Trump’s possible obstruction of justice so far has resulted in more than 100 criminal charges against dozens of people including guilty pleas from Trump’s national security adviser, campaign manager and several advisers. Get ready, Trumpsters; Mueller will soon net the big fish: Don Jr. and Putin’s pet, President Donald J. Trump.

Good column

You need to run the excellent column by Melinda Henneberger’s called, "I’m about to become a former Catholic” in Friday's USA Today. She nailed the true feelings of a lot of Catholics today.

And justice for all

In this week’s paper they had a mother for Williamsport left her child in a car for six and a half hours. The child died and the mother got a $25 fine and no imprisonment. The governor just signed tougher laws for hurting animals. Twenty-five dollars and the daughter died? Where is justice?

Red hots

Mount Carmel did such a great job. Their firemen put out the fire — especially the six hot chicks that I saw helping the guys and showing them how to do it right. We need more of those chicks that know what they are doing.

Head games

I was following this Mueller investigation and everything else like this. The only thing I can make out of it the way the man down there is carrying on. Robert Mueller is living inside his head rent free.

Respect the office

The Sound Off in this paper is to just bash people, and it is a shame. President Obama was in office and I did not like him at all, but I never bashed him. I respected the office that he stood for. So knock it off, you President Trump bashers. Treat him with respect, the same as Obama was treated, and the office he holds. I know my family is doing very well with this administration.

Great job

Thank you to all the firemen and women from Mount Camel and surrounding towns who were at the North Oak Street fire. Watching from the window I thought the whole block would burn. Because of their bravery, only one building was destroyed. An extra thanks to the boys from the Mount Carmel Rescue Squad who stood guard at the fire all night to make sure it would not start up again. Thank you for your service.

Man in the mirror

My favorite column in our newspaper is Sound Off. It helps people to look at themselves and think, “Is that me?’ So, to my neighbor, when you are preaching, remember how you shoved everyone’s snow around me , but you left an old lady out. When you face God and asks you why, I’ll be there and I hope one day you are old and it’s done to you. God bless you, neighbor.

Never forget

The Witmer Memorial rededication was very nice. However I noticed a lot of local politicians were missing, especially ones from surrounding communities. More especially from Zerbe Township. That is where the man lost his life, protecting the people of Zerbe Township. Also, where was their police department? Why weren’t they there? Editor's note: It's possible they didn't know about it. 

Bare bones

Now one of Milania’s naked pictures is making the rounds again. One wonders what message this sends to the little girls of the country that this is the image of their first lady. Imagine if Michelle Obama had done this.

Road kill

From 1899 to 2018 there have been nearly 4 million deaths due to auto vehicles. Last year 40,000 alone lost their lives. This is inexcusable. It is preventable. Ban all vehicles. No nation needs to have more vehicles on the road than people. Autos, they are killers.

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Respect the office-- I thought that's what we're doing. We just haven't asked T***p to show his birth certificate...yet.

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