Anti-American Ilhan

Rep. Ilhan Omar now states that Trump is responsible for the upheaval in Venezuela, not the brutal dictator of that country who is killing his own people.This woman should never have been elected to Congress, she’s a disgrace — completely anti-American. This is what trying to be politically correct and diverse ends up. Diversity weakens us, look at our diverse Congress. I don’t see a body that has America or it’s people as it’s number one goal. I see a bunch of different people all vying for power and doing whatever they can to get it. Diversity does not make us stronger. Wake up people!

Ivan the Hannity

Now we find out that Russian state run media is a huge fan of Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Russian state TV runs Hannity reports to downplay the connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. Russian propaganda uses Hannity’s attacks on the investigation and defense of Trump to discredit reports of collusion with the Russian government. Perhaps Comrade Sean Hannity should change his name to Ivan Hannitov.

Leave the Trump alone

Trump, Trump, Trump. He did this, he said that, he lied about this, he won’t do that. My God, people, let the guy alone already and let him do his job already. Waah! Waah! Waah!

My hero

I read the article about the woman who went to college, the accident and worked five jobs. She’s my new hero. That’s amazing. God bless her.

Liar, liar

Trump tells 10,000 false or misleading statements. Imagine that. In two years, 10,000 lies. That’s unreal. Nobody could lie that much.

Too many zeros

Yesterday I had a Republican Donald Trump fan girl tell me she wants to know how a bunch of Democrats became millionaires on the salaries that they make. I told her, that’s a no-brainer. Tell me how Republicans became billionaires on the same salary. At that point, she never said another word.

History repeats itself

Shame on you, Lourdes. The teacher breached her contract, but now you’re going after her with a scandal clause? Maybe you should look back at your history. I’ve lost all faith in OLOL.

Trees company

I see people calling the trees in Shamokin cherry trees. The pink ones and white ones are a dogwood tree, actually. They’re one of the first ones that bloom in springtime.

Booming economy

How long can Democrats continue to claim the roaring economy can be credited to the Obama administration? How many besides the self-deluded actually believe this? Three-point-two percent GDP growth, baby!

Crazy kids

I am sick and tired of the Shamokin Police Department doing nothing about the four-wheelers and dirt bikes doing wheelies, speeding, not stopping at stop signs or red lights down the main streets of Shamokin. I’m not talking about the days they’re allowed in town, I’m talking about kids with no license doing it through town. It should be stopped.

Wrong cemetery

I’d like to know why the prisoners are up here in the Springfield cemetery when they should have the prisoners at the Shamokin cemetery, because that cemetery looks like a mess. Quit worrying about the one in Springfield and go over there and do that one.

Fake news

In response to Trump is guilty: More fake news. In May 2018, President Trump expelled 60 Russian diplomats and put the most sanctions on Russia than any U.S. president.

Missed a few

I want to thank you for putting in the thank you to Mount Carmel. I forgot two coaches — baseball coaches Eades and Lucas. Thank you for putting it in.

Venezuela is a mess

See what happened with a socialist getting power? They run out of peoples’ money to pay the entire bill for all the people in their country. I’m talking about Venezuela. There’s a war going on down there. That’s Maduro and his army. Socialism is a failing form of government and it doesn’t work.

Don’t vote D

Any working man or woman who are not getting benefits and pays taxes or are retired must be out of their mind if they vote for the Democratic party. Everything is free, but who will pay for it? You will.

Who’s on first?

Mr. Editor, why doesn’t your sports department put the MLB leaders in the paper? Editor: Thank you for the feedback, I will see what we can do.

Here comes Biden

To all you Trump supporters: Watch out, Donald. Joe’s coming. And he’s coming for you.

The one and only

Is there any Democratic country on Earth where the president would refer to its premier intelligence agency as scum? After Trump’s administration, we will have to crawl out of the gutter.

Look at Aldi’s

Going to Walmart is a disgrace trying to dodge shopping carts in the parking lot. Why don’t they do what Aldi’s does and charge 25 cents for a cart, then when you bring it back you get refunded. It’s a win-win.

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