Teach ‘em a lesson

I was just opening the paper, and the second page is all the drugs. Every day they’re in drugs, drugs, drugs. I don’t understand why they don’t put them in jail long enough? All they do is get free food and they don’t pay no bills. They’re out a month and put back in again. I think they should put them in for a year, teach them a lesson.

Immigrant song

In today’s Sound Off, the person that called in about Melania not being able to speak English, should go back to the country she came from. You know, what? I did not like what Trump said about those four ladies, because they’re black, they ought to go back to where they come from. I did not like it, and that goes for this guy, too. We gotta stop this damn thing, this is hatred, this is racism, and we are not here in this country to support racism. I don’t know if you’re a Democrat or Republican or what, but that kind of talk has to stop. Remember, this country was built on immigrants. You are no different than Donald Trump when you start talking like that.

Why pay taxes

This is out to the Mount Borough Carmel Council: Time that you get the code officer out, have him do a little bit of work than having him sit in the air conditioning all day. Town looks like a mess, weeds are ridiculous. What are we paying taxes for? Taxes are for services. The Borough of Mount Carmel is not providing services, like cleaning up the town with their workers. We’re paying these people for nothing. Let’s get this town cleaned up like it used to be.

Above legal limit

Yes, I live in Zerbe Township, and I was wondering why when are grass isn’t cut this cop comes around and gives us a notice? When you drive around town and the township grass is above the legal limit? I want to know why nothing’s being done to them? If it’s fair for them give us a thing when our grass is high, why don’t they make their employees cut the grass?

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