Victimless crime

Legally, OLOL may fire Ms. Reich. The question is if they should fire her. Considering the priest pedophile rape scandal and coverups, the diocese has no moral leg to stand on. To suddenly find their moral backbone over a victimless crime absolutely reeks of sexism. Sexism is discrimination. It is the possible discrimination that I suspect will be the focus of any litigation, not any absolute “right” to fire.


It’s now certain that Trump is an adulterer, draft dodger, liar, con man and a conspirator with hostile governments. So, tell me again, all you religious, flag-waving, fiscally responsible, patriotic Trump zombies — why shouldn’t we laugh at you?

‘Empty chair’ gratitude

I am writing in response to Kenn Splitt’s most eloquent letter about the “empty chair.” While true Christmas is life-renewing and beautiful by its very nature, it is often different for many families. I have attended three funerals in December and the Christmas homily in our church centered on the topic of Christmas not being exactly “merry” for many. Not only do I ask everyone to go back and read Kenn’s letter of Dec. 26, but I ask you to clip it out and read it next year and the year after that.

Time to apply

I have an honest question for everyone who supports not building the wall: If these people coming here illegally only want a better life and want to reap the benefits of living in this country, why do they never apply for citizenship? They are living here for 10, 20 years and have never applied. Doesn’t that make you wonder? It certainly makes me think.

Mulvaney’s take

During the election, Trump’s new chief of staff Mick Mulvaney criticized Trump’s plan to build a border wall. Mulvaney described Trump’s wall as “absurd” and “childish.” Mulvaney also stated that Trump’s wall will not solve the immigration problem. Why can’t Mulvaney convince his boss that the border wall is a joke, just like Trump.

Futile effort

Almost every day, Sound Off readers are subjected to a convoluted lecture on the shortcomings of our president, including various nicknames. At least the professor no longer threatens “impeachment” or “removal” in his repertoire. Senators and even many House members realize that such an effort would be futile, and result in an embarrassment to the Congress.


I can guarantee you that if the caravan that was infiltrating America was 8,000 Russians voting Republican, Nancy and Chuck wouldn’t be able to get the wall built fast enough.

Pay it forward

Quick shout-out to the woman with the young boy who paid for my groceries at the Weis in the Anthra Plaza on Monday. You made my day. I just want to assure you, I did pay it forward as I promised. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Deocrations appreciated

The decorations in Shamokin and Coal Township are very, very nice. It’s nice to see young people starting to decorate their homes again.


I would never want a picture of my mom in the paper holding a baby doll. How demeaning. I’d really like to know what constitutes the qualifications of a dementia practitioner.

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