According to the student handbook at Lourdes, if you are a teenager having sex and become pregnant, special arrangements are made available for you to continue attending classes because “there is a realization that this situation does occur.” Would you say a double-standard of morality exists at Lourdes?

Why not?

In regards to Ms. Reich, the fired teacher at Lourdes Regional, she won’t be owning the school anytime soon. She knowingly signed a contract upon her employment and she knew what the morality clause meant. If she was so interested in keeping her job, she should have told the nun that she immediately planned to get married. She has a four-year-long relationship and committed enough to have a child. Why not just get married?

Shake shack

It is morally wrong for two people to “shack up” together, let alone have children involved and not be married. The problems with the Catholic priests is also wrong, but doesn’t make living together anymore right. They’re both wrong.

Failed it

Trump’s Christmas gift to the country: A tax break mainly to wealthy that now drastically increases the national deficit; lower unemployment but inflation is rising faster than wages so the average worker is worse off; GDP growth but imports are still increasing and we pay more because of tariffs; stock market surges, but then falls back quickly. The president just failed a test in Economics 101 at Trump University.

Move on

I am reading the newspaper and there is an English teacher position available at Southern Columbia. The fired Lourdes teacher should look into that job. You’ll get much more money and better benefits.

The source?

I think the negative remarks against the fired teacher must all be coming from the nuns and priests. She did a wonderful job at Lourdes and obviously wasn’t appreciated.

Dumbed down

According to the mainstream media, some Republicans, most Democrats and progressives, some people at the FBI and Department of Justice and the pollsters, Trump is the dumbest guy on planet Earth. I’m not sure I would be saying such a dumb guy beat me and proved me wrong. What does that say about their intelligence? “I would have won if he hadn’t been so dumb.”


I cannot understand how or why legislators and voters continue their irrational support of Trump and this administration. I do believe there must be Republican legislators in Washington, D.C., who are corrupt, lazy and more interested in the prestige of their office than representing their constituents. They ignore and discount Trumps lies, character flaws, unintelligent, ill-advised tweets, decisions and actions. By gosh the answer is: These supporters are not as intelligent as the people who oppose this nincompoop in the White House.

Sad but true

You don’t have to drive too far out of this area to get the feeling of others on the problems of the coal region. All they do is roll their eyes and they say the region has the morals of an alley cat in heat. Sad but true.

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