Fair and balanced?

Jennifer Ruben, who wrote an opinion piece in Sunday’s paper, is an extreme, far left, anti-Trump leftist. She has also degraded Trump supporters. It is hard for me to find her articles fair and balanced. Editor’s take: And to think before Trump was president, she supported conservatives. Wonder what happened?

Dropped a dime

I saw in Sound Off that Geisinger sent a bill for 74 cents to somebody. They hounded my husband for three months for 10 cents. So I took a dime, taped it to the bill and sent it in. I couldn’t believe it. Ten cents.

Swell guy

Because Trump brags about himself at every rally, Fox News no longer covers the events from beginning to end. The Fox viewership drops with each brag fest. Everyone has heard it before. Now he hires line-standers to sell the crowd and many head for the parking lots long before the end.

Welcome mat

People who support open borders should leave their houses unlocked and see how that works out for them.


They have been called “fearless freshmen” or “sophomore sensations.” The truth is that the majority of standout local boy athletes have an advantage because they were redshirted. An extra year to get bigger, faster and stronger than their opponents, and also an unfair advantage over their own teammates competing for the same position. You can praise them all you want, but let’s be honest: There is nothing impressive about graduating high school when you are almost 20 years old.

No reply

It’s extremely hard to get in contact with anyone on the Kulpmont Borough Council. Seems they only want to push their own agenda and are not too interested or concerned about the public’s input. I’ve called the mayor’s office every week for the past three and left messages; no reply back. Editor’s note: The administrative staff at the borough always seems on the ball with us. Try the main number: 570-373-1521.

The outsiders

Libertarian Ken Krawchuk and Green party Paul Glover were excluded from the state governor candidate debate. The people accept our “left, right, left” march to tyranny because our choices are hidden from us by a two-party system. If you don’t like the major party’s offerings, please do not stay home. Vote for your preferred Libertarian or Green outsider candidates on the ballot. You have options. Silence is consent.


Donald Trump just declared himself a “nationalist,” which by definition equates to racism, not patriotism. Adolf Hitler’s rise was built around his emphasis on nationalism, the belief that the only way Germany could be great again was to seize onto the superiority of Germany’s Aryan race and drive out those across Europe who refused to acknowledge that superiority. Sure sounds pretty much like what Trump and his supporters would like to do in our country.

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