Danger mouse

Respected journalist Bob Woodward reported what White House Chief of Staff James Kelly said to staff about Trump: “He is an idiot. It’s pointless to try to convince him of anything. He’s gone off the rails. We’re in Crazytown.” Woodward also reported that Secretary of Defense General Mattis stated that Trump “had the understanding of a fifth or sixth grader.” This reporting has confirmed that Trump is unstable and unfit to be president. He is a danger to America.

Game time

Our government now looks like a mobster running his organization. This is no game being played in Washington. This is people’s lives they are dealing with. Just take everything away from the people and give to the almighty rich.

Past president

Someone called into Sound Off and said Mr. Kort’s letter forgot one of Trump’s accomplishments: That Trump ripped 3,000 children away from their parents and put them into internment camps. Actually, that caller has it wrong. That practice was started under former President Obama. In fact, President Trump is the one who signed an executive order forbidding separating children from their parents.

Gullible or stupid

A member of Trump’s senior staff wrote a letter providing more evidence that Trump is a danger to our country. The many recent revelations should finally convince the Trump cult members that their president is unfit for office. Anyone who continues to support Trump is either gullible or stupid.

Don’t burn

Maybe people should get off their high horses and be glad they can afford shoes and clothes instead of burning them. I just bought a Nike baby onesie for my infant granddaughter. We have so much and so many have nothing, and, of course, Trump tweets more. He should be too busy to tweet. If you’re mad at Nike, donate the stuff to people who need it and may not care.


Sen. McCain didn’t get my vote, but until you are a prisoner of war and then someone who kept serving his country — he had every right to have the funeral he wanted to have, including having a 95-year-old German Jew secretary of state. Trump did nothing but insult him while others praised unity.


The speeches of President Bush and President Obama, regarding content, expression and presentation, at Sen. McCain’s funeral, were certainly “presidential” in nature. These men spoke eloquently of true American values, ethics and principles. They were the opposite of Trump’s presentations of self-promotion, lies, bullying, exaggerations. Supporters of Trump, and the recent letter of Mr. Kort, are way “off-base,” not “right on.”

All about timing

President Trump’s extramarital affairs occurred before he became president, not like Clinton who had affairs at the governor’s mansion and the Oval Office.

Road kill

Someone not only hit a big buck and left it lay, but cut its big rack off, most likely to get it mounted. I hope they rot in hell. This was on Route 487 in Elysburg.

Guzzled and muzzled

America, formerly the front-runner in innovation, now looks backwards. While Trump reduced the restrictions on miles per gallon on new cars, several countries are banning combustion engines completely and moving to electric cars, and more countries plan to do the same. Our gas-guzzlers will have no export value and autoworkers jobs will be lost.

Who, me?

If everyone I worked with thought I was a moron, I would have to do some serious introspection.

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