Still around

Hey, did anyone out there hear Mueller finished, and guess what? Our president is still the president.

Flip-flop Dems

After two years’ time and millions of taxpayers’ dollars wasted on the collusion witch hunt, the liberals and pathetic MSM are turning against Mueller like rabid hyenas for not getting Trump. All along the Democrats have been backing Mueller, saying you can’t question him or his credentials, and now they’re whining that “you can’t trust his report.” What? The political assassins in the swamp with unlimited time and resources found no indictable evidence to charge Trump for anything, but a panel of first-year law students could have easily indicted Obama and the Clintons in far less time.

Socialism with a smile

Fear-mongering has been the key to Trump’s success. Now he has latched on to the word “socialism” to con Americans to support him. The fact is all modern countries have elements of both capitalism and socialism. Socialist-based programs include our public roads, public schools, Medicare, Social Security and many other government programs that serve the general public. Socialism is not communism as Trump wants you to think. Most government programs that provide some benefit to the citizens could be considered socialist program.

Airborne asbestos

I find it appalling that nothing is being done about the people tearing down the home on the corner of Race and Shamokin streets in Shamokin. These idiots are taking down asbestos shingles and smashing them with hammers across the street from a playground full of kids. I know there are laws against improper handling of asbestos. It is supposed to be removed properly, not just broken to pieces by smashing it with a hammer and allowing it to go airborne right next to a playground. Wake up, people!

L’etat c’est moi

King Louis XIV of France declared he would rule without a chief minister, viewed himself as a direct representative from God and ruled with absolute power. He also said, “I am the state!” It certainly appears most Republicans in Congress support this idea with Trump being the ruler. They are no longer concerned about the U.S. Constitution or our democracy. Joe’s take: And you don’t think the Democrats would do the same thing if they had all the power? Enough already!

Safety ban

If New Zealand wanted to truly be safe, they would ban swimming pools, bathtubs, automobiles, hospitals, and, most importantly, national politicians.

Spring ruckus

All I wanted to do was enjoy the first weekend of spring, but a bunch of hooligans were invited into town to cause a ruckus with their infernal combustion engines. Worse than that, they’re doing it all over the streets that I paid for with my tax dollars.

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