Fair and equal

Service Electric Cablevision meters the amount of data that we can use locally with our internet. Its parent company based out allows its customers unlimited bandwidth or data to Lehigh Valley residents. Is this fair and equitable to the residents of the coal region and Susquehanna Valley? I don’t think so.

Fact check

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar addresses Michael Cohen as “a pathological liar, no one should ever listen to you.” On the other hand, The Washington Post Fact Checker calculated 8,158 inaccuracies or false statements made by Trump since his term began. Golly gee willikers, Republicans! This is really like the pot calling the kettle black.

Funny papers

This is a question for the Frog, the editor and the cartoon artist: What are you going to do when Trump wins again? Here is your way out to tell the people that you were taking medication and maybe you weren’t responsible for everything you printed. Frog’s take: We don’t have a cartoon artist.

Special lady friends

Men need more sex than women, but what Mr. Kraft did was stupid. A billionaire going to a strip mall massage parlor is stupid. He should have just went out to Nevada and went to one of their brothels. Furthermore, I think it is high time our country legalizes prostitution.


I served my country in the U.S. Marine Corps. Any veteran or anyone voting for socialism or this new green thing is voting to disperse and dismantle the United States of America.

Foot the bill

Ocasio’s Green New Deal in the next decade would cost everyone in the United States $600,000 a piece.

Keep it local

I just read about the $200,000 they got to fix the legion building. I sure hope they are going to use local contractors and be very transparent with what the money is spent on. Assistant editor: Caller, the Feb. 26 article on the American Legion building lists what the money will be spent on.

Probing questions

So the press was again barred from Bishop Gainer’s listening session last week in Elysburg. Obviously, Gainer is afraid of more searching questions that would be asked by the press. So much for transparency, honesty and openness.


When Trump calls anyone else a liar the irony is lost on no one.

Clam up

Cohen’s testimony is a production put on by Democrats. If he had any real evidence of Trump’s crime, Mueller wouldn’t let him speak.

Wagon train

Republicans need to stop circling the wagons around Trump and start circling their wagons around this country. It is about time.

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This in response to fact check. Who are these people doing the fact checks and coming up with these numbers? I just don't believe any of the numbers thrown around these days. Its just one thing after another and it depends on who is doing the reporting. It seems everybody has their own agenda and comes up with numbers out of …..where? I'm sorry, show me the money.

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