Food for thought

No. 1, who ordered the FBI to destroy the Clinton private server and emails and why? Who were they trying to protect? No. 2, President Obama said he’d see what he could for Russia after the election. No. 3, Hillary Clinton and Fusion GPS sold our uranium to Russia. No. 4, Bill Clinton made millions from speeches given in Russia while his wife was Secretary of State. Yet everybody condemns President Trump.

Fear monger

Pope Francis was referring to Donald Trump in his sermon to World Youth Day when he stated: “The builders of walls sow fear and look to divide people. We know that the father of lies prefers a community divided and bickering.” How many so-called good Catholics have chosen Trump’s fear and hate over the Pope’s message of unity and love? If you truly believe the teachings of Jesus, then you should not be a supporter of Trump.

A new level

When Trump delivers his State of the Union Address, he will falsely describe what a great job he has done leading the country, express and raise himself to a new level of ignorance, and will likely hire people to clap for him and his idiotic statements. It will be a substantial amount of material for the writers at “Saturday Night Live.” I’m already laughing.

Zero the hero

The Democrats should propose to Trump the amount of money they are willing to approve for funding the border will match the amount of funds Mexico will contribute to building this edifice. Remember, Trump stated many times, and the cheering Trumpeteers also chanted numerous times: “Who will pay for the wall? Mexico.” Problem solved. Zero coming from Mexico and zero approval by the House of Representatives.

“Fawlty Towers”

Maybe we could get President Trump to build a hotel here.

Take a trip

Some people cannot accept the fact that Trump outright lies and blasts innuendos replacing the truth. He commented how MS-13 gangs, rapists and murderers have “taken over several U.S. cities” and hundreds of criminals cross the border on a daily basis. I’m going to travel for the next few months and I’d certainly like to avoid those cities on my itinerary. Where are these cities?

Enemy of the state

Roger Stone’s indictment revealed that the Trump campaign actively worked with WikiLeaks, an organization designated by our government as a hostile intelligence service and an ally of Vladimir Putin. Benedict Trump and the members of his presidential campaign betrayed America when they sought out criminal intelligence information illegally obtained by Russia, an enemy of our country. I call that treason.

I wonder

Liberals continue to claim no voter fraud in the USA. Texas Secretary of State David Whitley reported results of a recent investigation that nearly 100,000 illegals registered to vote in Texas and almost 58,000 did vote illegally. Wonder who they voted for?

Bank on it

I was wondering if anybody in Mount Carmel Borough has considered the old Wachovia Bank building at Third and Maple streets for their new offices? It is a beautiful building; it would put a building to use that is in Mount Carmel and it would save us a ton of money.

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I wonder--are you on drugs? Nope just another MAGAt with an overstimulated imagination. Even if you keep repeating it it doesn't make it true. Face it, You're all going down!!!

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