We’re all dead

Almost 200,000 Americans are dead, millions more affected by the virus, out of work and businesses closing; school children faced with unprecedented alternative learning scenarios; and now Trump states he knew about the serious consequences of the virus but decided to do nothing. He referred to our war dead as “losers and suckers.” We are all losers if this man is elected for another four years.

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Susan A Yucha

Pre election Democ rat playbook consists of false accusations, rioting, looting, burning, murdering Trump supporters and Police, a virus attack from CHINA blamed on TRUMP,false charges against TRUMP saying Military are losers and suckers but not refuted by the Media after the charges were proven WRONG and malicious and the preparation to contest the election and not concede ever suggested by the last loser Hillary Clinton. This is 2020, a year of anti American actions by a Party gone mad!


Mam, I do believe they are now serving decaf in the cafeteria.

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