Presidential fuss

We the people put President Trump in. We didn’t put any more Democrats in. They need to just go home and stop making such a fuss about it.

Burning question

I’m calling about the burning that’s going on in Trevorton. I thought there was supposed to be an ordinance against it.

What’s the secret?

Donald Trump is having this meeting with Putin on Monday. It’s going to be behind closed doors. He doesn’t want anybody there. So what in the hell is the big secret?


I’m calling to congratulate the Mount Carmel VFW baseball team. They did one heck of a job. We’re very proud of you.


Regarding the church sex abuse report, I think the Harrisburg Diocese needs better leadership, and parents need to speak up for their children. No settlement is worth subjecting others to what my own children may have endured.

Act of war

Twelve uniformed Russian military officers have been charged with attacking our democracy to help Trump in the 2016 election. This was an act of war. Trump knows that Putin authorized this attack yet when asked if Putin was an enemy, Trump said no he was a “competitor.” Most countries are economic competitors but only Russia attacked our election. Any other President would have called out Putin and immediately retaliated, but not Trump. Our President does not want to anger his Comrade Vladimir, who has enough evidence to put Trump and his kids behind bars.

Oh, brother!

“O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love thou dost us command!” (Canadian national anthem). However, oh, Canada, we made a flagrant and egregious mistake. Too many of us were blinded by Trump’s boasting and deceptions. However, our democracy will survive this attack on decency and civility that is currently embarrassing our nation. Oh, Canada, we apologize for this man’s rude, clownish and impolite behavior. This is not us, your American neighbors.

In the pocket

Trump just turned his back on American democracy. We had our president stand on the stage with a murderous Russian dictator and blame the United States for a Russian attack. He has chosen to believe the word of his comrade, Vladimir Putin, over documented evidence of the Russian attack provided by U.S. intelligence agencies and the Justice Department. Trump said Putin was “strong in his denial” of the cyber-attack and “I don’t see why Russia would interfere with the election.”

Goodbye, friend

Sleep well, Linda. I’ll see you soon in God’s new world where we will have all the animals we ever dreamt about. Miss you already.

Balloon boy

One wonders what the United Kingdom’s Trump baby balloon with the little tiny hands will sell for on eBay.

True lies

Robert Mueller is exceedingly good at indicting Russians over whom he has zero jurisdiction instead of the true perpetrators: Obama on down to the DOJ and the FBI.

Across the street

In the 1400 block on Arch Street, there is a beautiful bed and breakfast and, right across the street, there is a dilapidated house that a guy bought at the tax sale last year. He left the windows and doors open all winter and now the weeds are three feet high. That is not fair to someone trying to run a business. Where is code enforcement?

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