Guard demolition

The National Guard has demolished blighted homes in Beaver Falls, PA, for free with the exception of the Dumpster cost. According to the National Guard, this has allowed the reservists to receive valuable training. Is this something that could be pursued for Shamokin/Mount Carmel?

Inciting violence

Trump cannot ramp up hatred in every tweet and at every rally and then be surprised when someone acts out on that hate.

Deafening silence

The silence of the Republicans means they condone and are complicit to each shooting. They have not spoken out no matter how horrific the incident. If they believe the intent of the Second Amendment was that innocents can be slaughtered, they are wrong.

All roads to Beijing

We have withdrawn from our global alliances. Our infrastructure is archaic and failing. Meanwhile, China is building the infrastructure of 70 other nations besides their own. This gives China access to all of the resources of those 70 nations. They are restructuring the world so all roads lead to Beijing. They do not need to negotiate with Trump — they know he may be gone in a year or so.

Even cheaper

I’m calling in reference to the person who said they paid $2.67 per gallon in Danville. Monday I was down on Jonestown Road near Harrisburg and I paid $2.48 per gallon.

Mental problems

To the unstable idiot who thinks it’s mental illness causing all these gun shootings and mass murders — mental illness is worldwide. How come other countries aren’t going through what we’re going through monthly, weekly and daily.

Don’t believe him

Donald Trump can get up there and say whatever he wants about guns but people today don’t believe this man. He can say one thing and then he turns around and contradicts himself and says another.

Thanks, Bo

I’d like to thank that guy out there at the Coal Township Recycling Center. I think they call him Bo. He helps my wife every time she goes in there. He’s a wonderful worker. Thank you, sir.


Mount Carmel has a public dump at Second and Chestnut streets. There’s junk all over the place and a swimming pool on the pavement with dozens of garbage bags. Another great dump is at Second and Hickory streets. Please, please, Mr. Code Enforcement Officer, we need help.

Look at the numbers

Mass killings account for 2% of homicides every year in the U.S. In other countries, bombings, mass stabbings and car attacks kill more than the deadliest mass shootings in the U.S. I believe in background checks, but don’t politicize it. If we had background checks for people learning how to fly planes, we would have saved 2,976 lives. Background checks won’t solve Baltimore or Chicago’s problems, so let’s stop the B.S. and look for real solutions.

Speedy trial?

Is Kraynak going to die of old age before he comes to trial?

Hotel screen

I’m calling about the two hotels being built. It’s nothing but a smoke screen. In two years, they will say they’re going to be a flop and assist an opening for low-income housing getting dumped on us again.

Help me!

Can anyone tell me where I can get rid of old TVs and computers? Joe’s take: I gave a shout out to a local person who was doing this, but I’ve heard from people who called his number aren’t getting any answer from him. The only other place to get rid of electronic items that I’m aware of, for free, is the Lycoming County Landfill in Allenwood.

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