Evidence provided

The 448-page Mueller Report provided evidence that fully established not only crimes, but also a betrayal of the office of president. It shows the president’s failure to defend our electoral system from future foreign attacks. It also shows acts of interference by the president that shreds the rule of law. Mueller’s investigation makes the case that Trump regularly and shamelessly violated his oath of office and committed high crimes and misdemeanors. The Democratic House should impeach Trump and find out if Republican Senators will actually vote to acquit an unstable, criminal president.

Partisan postings

I started out in my late teens like most everybody else. I worked hard all my life, was prudent with my money and saved and invested wisely. My personal rule was to be financially sound and avoid unnecessary debt. I slowly grew a healthy and diversified investment portfolio that has increased by an incredible 32% in the two years since Trump has been in office. His critics posting all the negative Sound Off comments about the economy are a sad bunch of ill-informed whiners, who know nothing about economics, and have gone through life always casting blame for their repeated failures and bad financial decisions. Complain or achieve, it’s where we end up that matters. Go Trump! Joe’s take: In defense of those on the left, I don’t think everyone who identifies as liberal are ill-informed or made bad financial decisions. I think a lot of it is just a matter of partisan politics.

Guilty as sin

Comrade Trump is ordering his boot licker, Bill Barr, to find out what was the origin of the Mueller probe. Well, let me save you some trouble, Donny. It started because you, and nearly everybody you know, had shady contacts with the Russians while they were trying to undermine our elections and then lied about it. We may never find the proverbial smoking gun, but there’s little doubt you’re guilty as sin.

Two suggestions

Here are two suggestions to eliminate possible problems that have occurred recently with Trump and Obama. Nominees must provide a birth certificate and tax returns going back five years to the RNC, DNC and the news media. Also, everyone applying to work for the U.S. government must pass a background investigation conducted by the Defense Investigative Service. Why not the person vying for the highest federal job?

Situation averted

As far as Sandra Bland goes, had she done what she was told to do the whole situation would have been averted. BLM people have a chip on their shoulders and think because they’re black they can do what they want. It doesn’t work that way. As for her death, I don’t know what happened there.

Patriotic taxpayers

Why doesn’t it bother Trump supporters that Trump is the first presidential candidate and the first president in 50 years who has not made his tax returns public? Don’t they remember how many times Trump promised to release his returns? Why aren’t Trump supporters concerned as to why Trump is fighting so hard to prevent his financial information from becoming public? I would think every patriotic American would like to see a president’s tax returns to assure themselves that the president is not using the office to make money or is involved in illegal enterprises.

Sad St. Stephen’s

How sad it is to come into Fourth and Maple and look at the former St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. Whatever this group is that took it over, it’s very sad to see they can’t even cut the grass for Memorial Day weekend. The maintenance is less to be desired. It’s really sad. Come on, get your act together, people. I’m sure there’s enough of you in there to push a mower.

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Partisan postings - Joey, figured you were just salivating to comment of that once you read it...

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