Vinny’s new home

What is Vinny Clausi’s campaign slogan going to be? “Vote for me, I wanted to spend tens of millions more on a prison?” At the same time he suggests that a prison should not be built, so the county can fund ill-attended senior centers. It sounds to me like someone is past senior-living arrangements, and is ready to move straight into a home for the bewildered.

Republican Ruskies

A recent poll conducted reported that 40 percent of people who identified themselves as Republican said they would be OK with Russian interference in U.S elections if it helped their candidates. The Republican Party that always stood for freedom and patriotism no longer exists. It is now the Trump Party, in which the members of the Trump cult are loyal to Comrade Trump and no longer have any allegiance to our democratic institutions.

Protecting predators

During his Tuesday press conference, Attorney General Shapiro challenged the six bishops named in the report to publicly state that day whether they would support the four recommendations made by the grand jury. How many days later now and there’s been no response from any of them. It’s more arrogance from the enablers like Bishop Gainer, who protected one of the worst predators of all, Joseph Pease.

Doing the twist

Now the US Conference of Bishops wants an investigation into the child molestation crisis in Pennsylvania, but here’s the twist: They want the Vatican to do the investigation. Talk about chutzpah. Talk about the fox watching the chicken coop. So much for being sincere in seeking the truth. Can we ever trust them to do the right thing?

Silent Francis

Please note that the pope hasn’t said anything about the child abuse. His lackeys in the Vatican have made a comment, but he himself is silent and that usually means consent. And they wonder why young people are rejecting the church.

Makes no difference

I don’t know where you silly people get off thinking that priests and nuns being married is going to cut down on the sex abuse of children. Jerry Sandusky was married and his wife was in the house while he was abusing those boys. That is not going to help anything.

Dirty money

To the generous parishioners of the Catholic churches, please consider where your funds may be going, not necessarily to the church, but to be used as payoffs to those who were violated by your priests.

Institutionalized abuse

I stopped reading the grand jury report after about 50 pages. My heart is broken. I grieve for the victims whose lives were destroyed. I will never trust a priest or bishop again. The lies, the sexual acts, the emotional and physical abuse and sacrilegious happenings. They denied, hid the pedophiles, moved them around and gave them a nice retirement. My God, yes, the integrity of the Catholic Church. Never again. It’s gone.

Faith in Christ

To the caller who wonders why we Catholics remain with the church in spite of the clergy sex abuse scandal. The reason is our faith is in Jesus Christ, not in any priest, bishop or pope or any other cleric, all of whom are flawed human beings. I personally pay no attention to any of them, only to Jesus Christ to whom I owe my allegiance and not to any institution.

Candy man

During President Woodrow Wilson’s administration, Vice President Marshall said: “What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar.” What Trump and the Republicans promote is a “penny candy store” so they can sweeten their cult members and have them believe they are leading America toward prosperity and world leadership.


I, too, went to OLOL and remember Haney the same way, an arrogant S-O-B. Describes him perfectly. I also agree fully with the area leadfoot caller. They drive their P-O-S and make as much noise as possible with it.

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