Not Biden’s fault

President Biden’s approval ratings are “what they are.” However, the history of the current problems began with Trump. The COVID-19 problems, inflation and the economy are all related. Trump’s denial of the COVID situation and both his resistance and that of his followers to take measures to stem the virus, including vaccinations, created the painful impacts that we now experience. So, Mr. McCarthy, blame Biden all you want but history cannot be changed, unless you profess “false facts,” which are stated in your letter. Joe’s take: If current problems are the fault of the past administration, then it would also be logical to say that the successes in this administration could be traced back to the last one, too. It works both ways, caller.

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That's what they want Maxx a war....


Racial injustice - Bravo for speaking the truth...If Rittenhouse was any other color shade besides white he would be on death row...I'm guessing an all white jury helps as well...


Not guilty - So it's OK for every 16 or 17 year old that disagrees with a protest march to grab daddy's gun and head out onto the street to plat shoot'em up...What happens when the protestors realize this and start arming themselves with assault rifles??? We will have war in the streets of every major city with scores of innocent civilians killed... On a side note, I am not anti-gun in anyway...

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