Abandoned duty

Trump is using his fight with the Democrats in Congress as an excuse to abandon the duties of the presidency. Good move, Donald, now you do not have to worry about legislation, budgets or infrastructure. You can just play at building the Great Wall of Trump and forget about pretending to care about our country or its problems.

Honorable acts

There are no better ways to honor fallen soldiers than to never enter a frivolous war, never start any conflict without an exit strategy and never expect our youth to fight and die in a conflict that the old, white men in Washington are too chicken to so much as declare “war” for. Then these politicians come out from the safety of their fine offices to wrap themselves in a flag for Memorial Day. Now that’s a flag that I am tempted to burn.

Waiting and waiting

It will soon be two and a half years since Trump and the Republicans discussed building a wall on the U.S./Mexican border. If this would have been a priority idea of the Democrats it would have been done by now. Oh, I’m still waiting for Trump’s “new” health care plan and the repair programs for our infrastructure.

Take responsibility

In response to “Everything but”: I’m one of your Republicans you mentioned. Yes, I’m pro-war when our country is attacked. I say we kill everyone who wants to kill us, it’s the only way to eliminate the problem. I don’t despise all immigrants, just the ones who come here illegally, don’t work, deal drugs and somehow sign up for welfare — on my dime. I have no stand on gay people, it is what it is. If you’re poor, get a job. I see people half my age, no job, definitely able to work, but can’t because they have ADD or ADHD, yet they have money to get tattoos and nose piercings. Universal healthcare is wrong. Why should I work and put my money into a kitty so one of the people mentioned before with no job can get great health care. You work, you pay for your own. No job? Get one and get good healthcare. It boils down to take responsibility for your life. Earn your way. Joe’s take: I don’t consider health care through the Affordable Care Act as “great.” However, it is better than nothing.

More 2s than 20s

Oops, my mistake. Must be because I have more Jeffersons than Jacksons in my pocket. Joe’s take: Check out the dates and markings on those $2 bills. They might be worth a bit more than the cash value, caller.

Mrs. McConnell

Mitch McConnell is worth $16 million. His Asian wife works for Trump. I see her on TV and I don’t know what her job is being up Trump’s butt. Maybe someone in the know can inform me. Joe’s take: Elaine Chao, Sen. McConnell’s wife, is the current Secretary of Transportation under President Trump.

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