A fine mess

If you want to clean your town of drug addicts, anybody who has a house that rents to a drug addict and the addict gets caught, fine the property owner $250. This way they will watch who they rent to.

Zero the hero

The Kulpmont mill has been a problem for at least 15 years. How much money did the old Kulpmont council get to fix the health and safety problem? Zero. Zilch. Nada. They built a useless bridge instead when the health and welfare of our residents was at risk.

Mum’s the word

To the man who is taking the mums and the flowers out of the cemetery — please take only your own flowers and not someone else’s. God is watching you. People are taking them to their loved ones, just like you are, but don’t be taking someone else’s.

Global mind

How many people globally or nationwide who say it is all right for the USA to be invaded by illegal visitors are willing to take these people into their homes until they become U.S. citizens? None. You might as well, because you are going to pay for their welfare checks, HUD food stamps and free medical and dental care.

Even rats

This is a response to “Stuff that in your hat:” Mr. Lutz, you have been on council for almost three years. The rat problem has gotten worse under your tenure. I suggest you act like the pied piper and leave town, and the rats will follow. Editor’s note: Lutz does a fine job defending himself and doesn’t need us, but it’s worth pointing out he was in the minority for his first two years on council before a new group got in for 2018.

First it giveth

It was said in Sound Off that “the Lord giveth and the government taketh away, and Donald Trump is taking everything he can away from us.” Give me some specifics. I really don’t think you can find any. However, if you do find a few and you call in, please take the hat away from your mouth, because that is exactly what you are doing — talking through your hat.

Reverse caravan

A couple of questions regarding the thousands of immigrants coming toward our border: Who organized this? Who provided the transportation and food? If you notice, most of these people in the caravan are young, well-fed men, and they are marching up toward our border with the Honduran flag. This isn’t a convoy; this is an invasion. I would advise the bleeding-heart Democrats who approve of this to organize a few thousand Democrats, get an American flag and start walking south through Mexico and into Hondurans, and see what happens.

Big depression

If Trump doesn’t make it for president and they try to impeach him, you’ll have the biggest depression you ever saw in this country.

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Yo..... Wally, the mill has not been closed for 15 years, so why are you saying when Buzzy was operating and employing many people.....that was a problem?


Even rats! Lutz you say doesn't need defending? Then why are you "blindly" (LOL) defending him when he was in charge of the Code Officer for quite a while during the minority years. Hey, I hear bullfrogs eat rats!


Hey hero! The process for cleaning up the mill started with the previous council before you were head of Code, Health and Safety but then it fell directly on your committee back in 2016 and/or 2017. It concludes in present council's term. Oh I forgot you like to blame everything gone wrong on previous council which you were an active part of and the current administration take credit for finishing what was started years ago. Hail to the hero![sneaky][sneaky][sneaky][innocent][innocent][innocent]

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