Fix the plaza!

Where are the cops and the fire company at the Plaza at Coal Township? They should close the road heading to the stores over there because that road is hazardous and not fit for human travel. Close the road before they can repair it, it’s going to cause an accident. Close the road and fix it the right way.

Good job, SPD

Cheers to Chief Tobias and Shamokin police for apprehending the two burglars in the church on Arch Street. Now let the judges do their job. Fill up the jails. The same thing on that so-called gang fight on Fifth Street — send them to jail. If they’re juveniles, they do the crime, they do the time. It’s time to clean Shamokin up from these gangs. Put them all in jail.

Plaza roads

I’d like to know when PennDOT will fix the road at the plaza in Coal Township? It’s bad enough it rains, but the potholes fill up with water and now I need a front end alignment. Who will pay for that? It’s ridiculous. The whole road is starting to fall apart.

Maresca is great

Sunday’s column by Maresca was one of the better things I’ve seen in years. People would be wise to read it about the marijuana situation and I hope they listen to what he has to say. It was a good article.

Good job, Jake

Congratulations to Jake Betz on his very informative article on the Bucknell students. There’s an old saying that I think applies, and it’s, “Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

You under a rock?

To the person complaining about the Kulpmont Police Department: Have you been living under a rock? They’re doing a fantastic job.

Red light problems

I think what needs to be done in Kulpmont is they need to check the red light; it’s not working correctly. It changes too quick and it’s not timed right. Come on, Kulpmont, get it fixed.

Watch what you wear

I am a parishioner of Mother Cabrini Church. Seeing a woman coming to Mass with short-shorts on, where are your morals? Look in the mirror before you leave your house for church.

SPCA is valuable

I must say, the American SPCA has come a long way since I first joined them some 40 years ago. The article about the cats in Watsontown is a good example. Today, they get all of the animals out and isolate them until they get a health check and do flea control on them and necessary vaccines. God bless these people and all of the people who help animals. Please donate to the SPCA, they go beyond the basics.

Oh, waitress!

Why on earth would anyone listen to anything Alyssa Milano says? She’s just an over-paid Hollywood know-nothing waitress. And I apologize to the waitresses.

Mr. Mom

It’s Mother’s Day and Parade magazine has Keanu Reeves on the cover and no articles of mothers on the inside. Happy Mother’s Day. Keanu!

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I don't know who owns the old railroad bed behind the post office and the municipal parking lot, but it's a disgrace.

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