Why now?

The reason I wrote to Masser, et al, was to have a copy of their response. My question was: Why do we need this? The answer to the caller was: “You don’t need one unless boarding a plane or visiting a federal office.” Which still raises the question, why do we need this when we have driver’s licenses, passports, identification cards, birth certificates, etc. We never needed a RealID before, so once again, why now?


To the person driving the black Chevy with the vanity plate. Dale Earnhardt you are not. “Intimidate” me you do not. You have been reported to the police for aggressive driving. Next time you feel the urge to go three wide traveling 901 east before the I-81 crossover, you may find yourself held in the pits for speeding. This has not been the first time you have been observed driving recklessly in that area.

Picture for proof

Hey now, calm down. Two comments in one day with unfounded attacks. Calling Trump a “moron” and saying that all Catholics are in a “cult” for the actions of a few, offer nothing interesting for the reader to consider. If you are going to call me ugly, at least include my photograph to prove it.

Voting record

It’s worth mentioning that TrueCore’s rent was reduced because they made significant investments in the facilities they are renting from the county. If Kym Best would like to know what is going on in the county, she should try attending the meetings. It doesn’t matter if she knows who the company will be to replace TrueCore, Best will vote against them regardless. She is only looking for a reason to.

How dare you?

When I saw the comment that was made about waitresses and or waiters, it really irritated me. They don’t even get minimum wage ($7.25). They depend on tips. Some are married and have families or working their way through school. They are making an honest living and not depending on the system. Try walking in someone else’s shoes before you make or pass judgement. If you can’t afford to give a little “thank you” for their hard work and smile, stay home.

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