House divided

Trump and the supporters of his immigration policies illustrate the principles acclaimed and revered by the Statue of Liberty are no longer appropriate in America. Their policies advocate excluding as many foreigners as possible from our country. Any appropriations for funding a wall should also include money to dismantle the statue. The significance of the border wall and the Statue of Liberty are inconsistent and incompatible with each other and they cannot both stand simultaneously.

Double secret probation

Why doesn’t the FBI break into crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s offices like they did to Michael Cohen? Further proof of the corrupt deep state’s double-standard and the two-tiered justice system.

Bully defined

Vinny — do unto others as you would have done to you. You are the true definition of a bully. Sincerely, Your Once-Friend.

Four-walled world

To the person talking about the border wall saying, “Walls don’t stop criminals.” Then why do we have walls around prisons? Illegal immigrants cost the U.S $18.5 billion a year in subsidized health care. That makes the wall look like a no-brainer and a bargain. Israel built a wall and it is 99.9 percent effective. It would be nice if you did a little research before you call Sound Off.

Regular Carnac

On inauguration day I predicted he wouldn’t last two years; knowing that he was an impetuous cheat and liar I thought he could not last. But, alas, I was wrong. Now I predict that in year three he will resign in disgrace as the 17 investigations begin to close in on him.

Down south

I just returned from a recent trip to Delaware. It is funny to see that diesel fuel is almost 61 cents less a gallon and gasoline is on average about 40 cents less a gallon in Delaware. But yet our local two state representatives, namely Lynda Schlegel-Culver and Kurt Masser — what do they say to this? They don’t. What is really disturbing to me is that us local people keep voting people like this in office.

Crooked steps

Anyone who is a multi-millionaire, unless they hit the lottery, didn’t get it honestly. Editor’s note: How can you make that claim? There are plenty of millionaires who have worked hard and sacrificed — and had the guts — to make the money they have.


Transcripts show that James Comey mislead Congress on the Trump dossier in his closed-door testimony. The timeline that the fired FBI director provided to lawmakers on who funded the anti-Trump dossier lies conflicts with court filings and congressional testimony.

Before destruction

The time for making New Year’s resolutions approaches. With a frightening forecast about the destruction predicted by the effects of global warming, we can all make a personal effort to reuse and recycle. There are hundreds of small things we can do without very much inconvenience. Let our New Year’s resolution be to save our beautiful Earth.

Without sin

I read Mr. Kort’s letter in the paper the other day. I guess you are without sin for all your life.

Greed and grift

Trump and his adult children are banned from serving on any foundation board in New York because of the greed and grift found in his now legally defunct foundation. Banned from handling donated money, yet he holds the nuclear codes.

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