Locked out

Why aren’t the restrooms at the Mount Carmel Area Silver Bowl stadium unlocked and available for use during weekdays when seniors and others walk on the track? Can anybody respond to this question?

Intro to reality

Facebook and other social media companies need to ask themselves do you want to be seen as an open platform for all political beliefs or would you rather be considered a left-wing lunatic that censors free speech worldwide? The latter will prove to be unbelievably costly. Censorship on social media is no longer a hypothetical; it is a reality.

Federal case

It was put into Sound Off that Trump’s personal lawyer implicated the president in a federal crime. Incorrect. If it is true that Trump ordered his personal lawyer before he was president to pay off Stormy Daniels for an illicit affair why or how is that a federal crime? It is not a federal crime. His personal lawyer paid hush money before he was president. So what? Look what Kennedy did and more importantly look what Bill Clinton did in the White House.

Equal opportunity

The Catholic Church is admitting the abuse of children and removing the guilty priests. When are we going to hear about the Protestant and Jewish offenders?

High road

This for the Coal Township commissioners and street department. I live on Murphy’s Road, the back road to the hospital in Tharptown, and those few patches that you put on there about a month ago are not going to cut it for the repairs that are needed to that road. I am putting an investigation into why we can’t have that road paved like the rest of the township that we pay taxes for. I would like to know why Murphy’s Road is getting shortchanged.

Symptom of the universe

The man in the White House is a symptom of the problem in American, not the cause. His followers know and accept that he is a womanizer, a braggart, a liar and a bully and have come down to his level by supporting him. Therefore the problem in America is deeper than him and that is a frightening thought.

World needs ditch diggers

Just a note, Indian Hills golf club does not have a new owner. We have a board member who thinks he is the owner. Just think of Ted Knight in Caddyshack and you’ll get the idea.

Wrong turn

The press is wrong, the Justice Department is wrong., the CIA is wrong, the FBI is wrong, Google is wrong, the courts are wrong and the tapes are wrong. Everyone is out to get him. The list is more extensive, however, one must recognize paranoid behavior when one sees it.

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