Four-walled world

The bishops advise and refer the predators to a life of prayer and penance. That’s fine, but that prayer and penance should be done behind bars.

Street cleaners

It’s such a nice experience seeing these young men cleaning the streets and taking pride in their town. I had an opportunity twice this week to meet the young men and talk to the staff that were with the kids. I am very proud of you and thank you for helping our community.

Empty pockets

I hope everyone will remember Bishop Gainer come next spring when he starts begging for money for his annual bishop’s Lenten appeal. If any Catholic in this area gives one red cent to that man, they ought to have their head examined.

The wolves you feed

I hope you realize that not only your collection money but also your bake sale, bingo and clothes sales are paying for these horrific crimes. There isn’t punishment great enough to compensate for destroying even one innocent child’s life by predators pretending to be priests, nor payment large enough to compensate the victims of this atrocity. Sadly, the money is not going to the victims; the grand jury report notes many instances where these predators did or are still receiving pensions, insurance, etc. Shame on you if you continue to put money in the collection basket.

For all kings

Elvis Presley died on Aug. 16, 1977. In 2018, the queen of soul died, and I would just like to say what a coincidence that the king and the queen died on the same date. Rest in peace, Aretha Franklin. We love you and always will.


The Harrisburg Diocese has been a corrupt organization since at least 1947, as evidenced by the grand jury report, and every bishop during that time is guilty of treachery. As a practicing Catholic, I now look back and feel I was brainwashed as a child and gradually roped into a con game and a charade. But all that stopped now, and so did my financial support. I can no longer be part of it.

Faking it

Your Op-Ed in Saturday’s paper stated you are not fake news. That’s true. Your paper prints and publishes 90 percent propaganda and 10 percent B.S.! Other stories are cut and paste from liberal news. The only thing you prove is, if it’s a scandal or derogatory, it’s page one. But printing a retraction or an admission of false reporting, you will find it hidden among the ads on page 15! Frog’s take: Pardon me, my eyes just rolled out of my head.

Bow down

Callers want bishops to bow to the Attorney General’s demands when they do not make church rules; the Vatican does. And callers and editors ridicule the church for their actions, yet say nothing against a district attorney that refused to prosecute Father Pease. Name that D.A. Interview him and find out what his reasons are for allowing children to be molested.

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