Murder by numbers

Government is the No. 1 murderer and killer of the 20th century. They killed over 100 million people. Hitler: 6 million, Stalin: 20 million, Mau Tse Tung: 69 million. Time to ban guns from the real killers: government. The right to defend one’s life freedom and property by any and all means at one’s disposal is a sacred, God-given, inalienable right.

Distorted view

The Catholic Churches refusal to allow the media to observe the discussions at Holy Rosary Church regarding pedophile priests is another example of their distorted view of transparency. When the churches were merging, at Mass we were given paper and pencil and asked to write down three choices of what we’d like the name of the new church to be. Being naive and devoted Catholics, we actually thought our voice would be heard. I wonder how many wrote Divine Redeemer, Holy Angels or Mother Cabrini.

Pillar pilfering

Freedom of the press and an independent judicial system are the two pillars that protect our democracy. Trump swore to defend the constitution, yet he calls the press an enemy of the people and attacks our justice system. Trump will do anything to prevent being exposed as an incompetent con man and criminal — even destroy our democracy.

Wrong turn

Isn’t it ironic that the Democratic Party considers building a wall immoral yet the murder of innocent babies is justifiable? I am ashamed to say I am a Democrat.

Pair of broken records

I read Sound Off every morning and I get a kick out of it. Somebody keeps calling and mentioning over and over again “Trump cult members.” In the Sunday edition, usually Mr. Bomboy is writing the same article over and over, making fun of President Trump. Maybe these two guys should get together and try to determine how they can come up with some originality.


To the person who called in and said Presidents Day should be canceled until we get one — weren’t you taught manners? Weren’t you taught to be respectful? You are refusing to call him president? You have no respect.

Cut it out

Dear neighbor: Enough with the name-calling. It is degrading. I am not your sweetie, your sweet pea nor am I your love, your lovie or your baby girl. Knock it off, I don’t like it. Does your wife know you talk to females like this? If not, she is going to.

Secret admirer

I would like to thank the gentleman that found my gas card near Walmart’s gas pumps. It was around Valentine’s Day. If I knew who he was, I would have gotten him a big box of chocolates.

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