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This is Mayor Bozza responding to the “enforcing the laws” caller. I do agree, I myself, can do a better job as mayor and I’m always thinking of better ways to communicate and keep our residents safe. I can honesty say Chief Foust and our other officers are giving 100% on stop signs, crosswalks, speeding. Unfortunately, they are very busy and cannot be everywhere all the time, but we’re working on improvements. I’ve pressed the issue and got PennDOT’s blessing to proceed with new crosswalk signs and to lower the speed limits in the the borough, but unfortunately, council declined my requests. Please attend our Crime Watch meetings monthly and get involved more. I do believe together, in unity, we can make a difference in our great borough.

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I recently had the opportunity to observe, from the outside, a marijuana dispensary. First of all the lot was packed and even a guy on a motor cycle sped in while I was there. What I observed were a lot of young people walking at a very brisk pace to go inside. You can't go in unless you have a card. So, these are all suppose to be "patients". Honestly, they looked pretty able bodied to me. I then decided to walk around the building. In the back there was another section selling legal CBD. A man working there told me if I wanted to, which I didn't, could get certified for the pot in there too. How is this possible? This to me is so frightening. This wasn't the intended or was it? This is all about money. Big money. What scares me most is how many people are going to be driving around with this in their system. This is not your backyard pot. These are strains that were developed supposedly for "medicinal" purposes. It definitely wont be long before its just legal. Pigs out of the barn.


I recently had the opportunity to observe a medical marijuana facility, from the outside. My observation was this, first off the lot was packed with cars. What I saw were a lot of what appeared to be able bodied young people practically running in and out. I don't know what there ailments were but they seemed in pretty good shape to me and were walking at a brisk pace. I decided to walk around the building and met a man that worked inside the other end of the building which sells legal CBD.

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