Nosy Nancy

Past presidents request funding for security at the southern border, including a physical barrier. No problem. This president requests the same thing, Pelosi says no because it was part of his campaign promise. Pelosi should be reminded of her position — she is speaker of the House. Trump is the president of this country, and he is responsible for national security.

Poor trash

I don’t know what people are raving about Trump for. What has he done but put the world in an uproar, gave all the billionaires tax breaks and gave you nothing — $2 more in your check?

Priceless crew

I’d like to give a huge thank-you to the Kulpmont Street Department. That crew is priceless. As a working taxpayer, I appreciate the streets, and mostly the hills, being cleared of snow in the wee hours of the morning when I leave, and late at night when I get home from work. Your diligence is truly appreciated.

Soul-selling Dems

What is wrong with you Democrats? My family can’t believe that you would want illegal aliens across our border, bringing drugs, then killing Americans, raping them. They just can’t believe you people have sold yourself to the devil — for a political party.

Let down

The Internal Revenue Service has reported that the average amount of tax refunds issued so far this year have decreased 8.4 percent from the previous year. As a result of Trump’s tax cut, working Americans’ tax refunds are less while the rich pocket more. Also, remember when Trump told us you will be filling out your income tax on one simple postcard? How is that working out for you?

Doesn’t add up

The Trump Inaugural Committee spent more than $100 million; that is twice the cost of the second most expensive inauguration — Barack Obama’s in 2009. Obama’s inaugural celebration was considerably larger than Trump’s, so where did the $100 million go?


Federal authorities are now investigating the Trump inauguration. The investigation includes overcharging by the Trump hotel, money laundering, illegal contributions and cash-for-access deals. Just another one of the Trump’s family schemes to fill their pockets at America’s expense.


I don’t think Trump is “smarter than a fifth-grader.” He doesn’t understand government, social studies or history. Mexico is not paying for the wall, coal miners have not returned in huge numbers, tax cuts didn’t bring jobs, drugs are rampant, national debt skyrocketed and my tax return is lower. Gracias, Senor Presidente!


A girl gets burned in a bad experiment and from the principal down to the nurse, no one wants o take responsibility.

Space truckin’

How long do the residents of East Center Street and North Walnut Street in Mount Carmel have to listen to that truck motor idle all night long and all weekend long? It is annoying, and the diesel fumes are sickening. Where is the ordinance? How come it is not enforced?

Not for you

I would just like to let people know that these handicapped spaces at Turkey Hill are for handicapped people. Not people with Cadillacs who think they are special, or anybody else. The police maybe need to take a look at this because it happens every day.

Hot hit

It would have been interesting to see how it would have been handled with the drug charges against the CO at the Northumberland County Jail if it would have happened at SCI-Coal Township. The bottom line is, once the dog had a “hot hit,” that car should have never been abandoned.

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