Multiple choice

I wanted to answer the daily poll, “Do you read comic books?” but they didn’t have the proper response. Sound Off wasn’t there. Frog’s take: Zing! Good one.

Mostly fine

Most of Nick Bozza’s letter was fine. The part I disagree with is the sewer authority spending $2,000 to $3,000 on food. Once you do that, you are not a volunteer anymore. I’m not saying they can’t have a nice meal a couple times a year, but why so extravagant?

Goin’ down

Food stamp recipients are down 4,121,000 under the Obama administration. Oh, silly me — I mean the Trump administration.

Dental checkup

Now that Geisinger’s former CEO is leaving, maybe the next one will reinstate the dental clinic. The former CEO did nothing to explain the rationale of closing one of the more popular clinics. In fact, many of the dental clinic staff thought they would be expanded into the new Woodbine building. This service was greatly needed.

Absent leader

Donald Trump is the first president in modern history not to travel to Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day to pay respects to the deceased members of our military. It was raining on Nov. 11; draft-dodger Don would not risk a bad hair day to honor the sacrifices made by members of the armed forces.

Full plate

My husband came from a poor family. His mom worked in factories, his dad had miner’s asthma. He worked full time through high school and enlisted (during) Vietnam to learn a trade, hopefully, as his brother did, but, due to a health problem, they turned him away. I was lucky enough to go to nursing school, which cost less than college. Our family votes Democrat because they are fairer with poor people and Social Security. Abortion is not the only issue on our plates.

Large print

When I need to find a phone number in Verizon’s phone book with “larger print” in big letters on the cover, I almost laugh out loud. As compared to previous editions, the print does not look larger to me. Years ago, the phone book would put the last name in bold print and then list the first name of everyone with that same last name. It was very helpful. It would be good if Verizon would do it now.

High turnover

Trump has accomplished what no other president has achieved: An 80 percent turnover of staff in just two years.

Pension problems

Instead of worrying about Trump’s tax cuts and a reduction in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits, why don’t you just cut the pensions of the state, federal government, and county? They are getting twice as much as they should.

Bullies everywhere

I see 33 people were supposedly bullied in Southern Columbia. Bullying does take place in Shamokin schools, too. Nothing is done. I think they should be checked into and not protect their sports players.

Oiled up

If you know an elderly person who has no clue what oil prices are today, please talk to them. My sister was charged over $3 a gallon by a company. Needless to say, she will not be getting oil from that company again.

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No Taxpayer Money: Mostly fine is embellishing the numbers and facts again. All employees and significant others, plus Board members and significant others = 20+ people and a 15-20% tip is not extravagant by any means. To clarify this even further, this is a Reorganizational Dinner Meeting/Employee Christmas Party in Jan. If there is a second one in July it's an Authority Dinner Meeting/Employee Appreciation meal. There is No tax money used in the operation of the Municipal Authority. This is run as a business totally by rate payer fees for services rendered.


I forgot to clarify that number of $2000-$3000 is an embellished figure!

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