Look for the truth

In today’s world, a “conservative” is a description for a person who believes Trump cannot make a mistake. A “liberal” is a person who believes some of the things he does are mistakes but they make their opinions known. Individuals from a not too distant past, regardless of political affiliation, would be horrified to read the expressions and statements that now describe their party. The idea that “everything changes after an election but somehow everything stays the same” is no longer true.

Art of self-defense

Ninety-four percent of the time a gun is pulled in self-defense, it is not fired. There is no government funding to track such pro-gun statistics. If guns were only to kill, then what are the police doing with them? To shoot your dog? If you don’t want a gun, don’t get one, but you will not make me dependent on the police to protect my family. Period.

Master butcher’s apron

The world recognizes the overwhelming evidence that the head Sheik of Saudi Arabia ordered the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Trump supports this Saudi Arabian butcher, even calling the innocent journalist an enemy of the state. Trump has thrown American values of liberty and human rights into the garbage. This decision tells all brutal dictators that if you flash enough money in front of Trump you can get away with murder.

No lawyers?

As an outsider, I found it amusing that Mr. Zack said: “it’s not about the money.” Also, the majority of the school board members voting yes used the reasoning of his expertise in the Northwest Academy litigations. Does this mean they won’t have to hire lawyers?

Wrong turn

Ken Splitt went off again taking an acrimonious whack at President Trump, and this time side-saddled the stock market into his rant. He’s so dense about economics and investing, saying the stock market’s performance is delusional. Well, Mr. Splitt, my investment portfolio is hardly delusional. Its steady growth since Trump was elected has been exceptional and unmatched in previous years. You sound like someone who took a wrong turn in life and is resentful of people who invested wisely and succeeded.

Long con

There are politicians and voters who believe Trump should be impeached. If that were to occur the political divisions we have would expand and suffer immensely for many years, perhaps take generations to heal. Impeachment looks like a “quick fix” but the best course is to “play the long game” and let the voters remove him in 2020.

Not good news

Corporate profits are at an all-time high and have surged since the recession of 2009. Yes, they are certainly influential in measuring the U.S. economy. The problem is they have grown rapidly but worker paychecks remained stagnant for the past few years. This is not good news for the working class.

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