Unite by love

We all ask questions about priests marrying, etc. I feel there is a bigger point. Jesus was caring. One of the things Father Haney taught me in high school was the religions of the world. Well, why don’t all of us realize that every other person is the same as us, no matter social status, color, religion or politics if they can love, not hate? How many have to die over religious beliefs that still separate us? I don’t approve of things that were done, but I would rather help unite by love than send back a yearbook from 1970, and for what? That would punish me.

Iconic event

Thanks to Bob Mattis for bringing the architectural blueprint of the iconic building at Eighth and Independence streets to the opening of the time capsule event; a fascinating snapshot of “Fin de Siecle” design and building techniques. Also, the fact that Shamokin had three newspapers in 1901, is reflective of entirely different times.

Sunbury scandals

Sunbury police officers have long suffered drug, sex, and other scandals. Remember the officer who tampered with a cell phone, which was wanted as evidence in an investigation? That was Brad Hare, now police chief in Sunbury. Ex-Sunbury Officer Mazzeo has left for Kulpmont, I suspect due to a culture clash with that swamp. Mayor Karlovich is correct, Kulpmont is lucky to have him. I fear for Sunbury.


If a man acted erratically, continuously lying and promoting conspiracy theories; if that man ranted and raved, frequently accusing certain citizens to be the enemies of the people; if this man gave nasty nicknames to individuals and regularly verbally attacked these individuals; we would call that man unstable. It is unfortunate that we now must call a man like that the President of the United States.

Best regards

Nicole Faraguna’s editorial in Sunday’s paper, regarding Trump and the Republicans, is an excellent summation of previous letters to the editor, numerous comments in Sound Off and general conversations among many Americans. Hopefully, our country and this valued democracy can survive with this distorted, naive, jellybean administration and leadership. In two years it will be “adios,” “auf wiedersehen,” and “arrivederci” to Trump and cult of followers.

Holy doublespeak

So now the Pittsburgh Bishop is refusing to release the names of predator priests identified in the Grand Jury report for whom he determined the allegations were unsubstantiated. Why, then, is it that peoples’ names are published when they’re arrested, but before they had their day in court to determine if the charges are substantiated? Why don’t they get the same exclusions? The double talk, hypocrisy, manipulation of evidence, and cover-ups continue.


One billion dollars to send a space probe into the sun. One billion dollars for an object that will get burned up just to tell us that the sun is hot. Wow, what great concept. I’m so pleased that my government is spending our tax dollars so wisely. Not!

Check twice, pave once

Before Lincoln Street is paved I think the city should check first with the sewer authority and the gas company and anybody else to see if they have any plans to do any work there before the road is paved. I hate to see it all done and have it dug up shortly afterward.

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