Not just one issue

Pro-life and Catholicism are universal. To specifically support and identify Trump and the Republicans with this philosophy or platform is absolutely wrong. There are many individuals who are Democrat and are also devout Catholics. They do not accept the particular political position of the party regarding pro-choice but certainly agree with many other objectives of the Democrats. A decision on whether to advance and support a political party based solely on one political subject or issue is wrong and is applicable to both parties.

Unfriendly obstruction

Except for Commissioner Kym Best, the prison board voted unanimously to hire Delbaugh. Best should be accusing the entire board of hiring “friends.” She should talk about friendly connections, with her and her husband acting as a legal tag-team to obstruct progress in the county.

Give in

If Trump gives in to the Democrats, they still complain about him and say he caved in even when they do what he wants. I’m still a Trump fan, hoping he makes it in 2020. I hope the crybaby federal workers are happy now. If they can’t live with one or two paychecks, they are living wrong. Whatever happened to save for a rainy day? Sorry if you had to give up your morning Starbucks.

Red snowflake

Not 10 minutes into your paper on Jan. 30 I saw two blatantly anti-Trump articles. One that suggested that U.S. intelligence says the border isn’t a threat, but North Korea is instead, and another one on global warming saying that Trump said this but the facts are this. You are getting to be nothing but a liberal rag like the rest of the mainstream media.

Evil never dies

Democrats, how could you in good conscious allow unborn babies and babies even at birth to be murdered? You people are evil.

It can wait

That was a very good insert that you had in the paper last weekend about those kids saying those things against texting and using cell phones while driving. You should get a bunch of those inserts together and give them to Mr. Masser and Mr. Gordner so they can distribute them to their colleagues in Harrisburg. Maybe they can stop the use of cell phones (while driving) in the state of Pennsylvania.


During his campaign, Trump repeatedly stated that he “loved the uneducated.” It is clear to see why. He is impervious to fact and logic. Educated, knowledgeable people annoy him and probably make him feel inferior.

A different bucket

Alright, we all know it has been probably, what, 23 years since the Indians have beat the Tornadoes in football, but when was the last time the Tornadoes beat the Indians on the basketball court, and how many times has it happened in the last 23 years?

Tax and shout

With the City of Shamokin contemplating home rule once again, don’t you think instead of worrying about putting several more people on a board to do a job to that the ones that were elected should do? We have nothing and all they do is tax, tax, tax. Editor’s take: The home rule process requires appointment of a board. Here’s your chance.

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