Narcan response

In response to the editor on the Narcan post yesterday: The person posting’s point was that junkie’s have no accountability for their actions, they hold no jobs, sponge off disability, put that junk in their veins and expect the responsible people in society to rescue them again and again and again. There are numerous reports of junkies getting Narcan on Tuesday and OD’ing on Wednesday. My solution is this: You get Narcan on your first overdose, also after your first overdose your disability/benefits are cut off. After that if you want to shoot up, find a job and buy your drugs/Narcan. It’s not a disease, it’s a choice, nobody forced them, and no disease made them put a needle in their vein the first time.

Tim Zyla can be reached at 570-644-6397 ext. 1341 or

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