Wall of vanity

Trump said many times Mexico will pay for the wall. Now he is asking the American citizens to “pony up” $5.7 billion. Homeland Security engineers estimate a 30- to 40-foot-high wall with a depth of 10 feet will be at least $21 billion. Engineers at the prestigious MIT University estimate the cost to be at least $40 billion. The wall will certainly be a vanity tribute in honor of Trump.

700th win

Congratulations to Mike Klembara on his 700th win at Lourdes. It sounds strange, but teams always learn much more from their losses than from their victories because they expose weaknesses that must be corrected, going forward. Mike always made the most of the hand he was dealt each year, and his players appreciated his honesty and overall knowledge of the game. His record speaks for itself.


The government shutdown is turning into an economic slowdown. Trump is enthusiastically grandstanding and turning this situation into social disarray. Trump continues to claim and promote derogatory and defamatory misrepresentations that are accepted as truth by the religious Republicans. The Evangelicals also love it. As for the rest of America, their voices are not heard.

Version 4.0

Now we have a fourth version of Trump’s pursuit of a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. During the presidential campaign, Trump said he had absolutely no business interest in Russia. Denial after denial, we now find out that Trump’s Moscow negotiations continued through the election in November 2016. When Trump gets caught in a lie he simply updates that lie with a new one, and when that lie is exposed, he tells another.

Civics class

Many of the articles in Sound Off talk about all the lies President Trump has told, but I never hear anybody tell me what those lies are. I never heard him say if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance or if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. One of the other things I see in many of these articles are people talking about our democracy. We don’t live in a democracy. Our national government is a federal republic. Have any of these people actually gone to school?

Bad show

All Catholic school students learn the beatitudes, which speaks to respect for all — the poor, the prisoners, the hungry, etc. None of these teachings were demonstrated by the Covington Catholic high school students in their treatment of an indigenous American who is also a Vietnam War vet. Somehow, once one dons the MAGA hat, the teachings about kindness, acceptance, honor and respect disappear.

Entry level

Our history demonstrates that it takes two generations for immigrants to move into the middle class. Most often the recent immigrants take entry-level jobs, most of which we no longer want to do. Those coming now will work in farm fields, building trades, hotels, cleaning, housekeeping, meat packing plants and restaurant work. Our birthrate is the lowest it has been in 30 years. We need these workers.

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The Mexicans will pay for the wall.

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